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About Radio Klotestad  [nederlands]

1. About Radio Klotestad (hystoria)
2. (howto) Find your way in Klotestad (navigatillium)
3. Whodundis and Contact'm
4. Privacy

Thoughts, statements, theories about this project you can find hero: theory

1. About Radio Klotestad (hystoria)

The long awaited sequel to “Greetings from Klotestad”, a dystopian autofictography, based on weird events, brought to you by Mulder.

In 2022 I started Radio Klotestad, an equally dystopian radio video show on Mixcloud, in which the music determined how the story (radio play) went. It was a mixture of soundscapes and music and poetry recited by different voices, accompanied by animations and loops.
The radio show (for now?) has ended, but long live Radio Klotestad! because the Klotestad life will continue here, in a simple archival outfit, in which you can jump from one fragment to another. More items will be added, and maybe some day my whole portfolio will be totally integrated in Radio Klotestad. We'll see.
Most articles will be in Dutch, sometimes in English, and sometimes both.

2. (howto) Find your way in Klotestad (navigatillium)

Within Klotestad you can search by keywords, or category. Go to the 'index' on the menu on top.

At the bottom of each item you will find some metadata, including the applied keywords and category;

clicking on that will also take you to the 'index' page, where you will find items in the same category or with the same subject. As the site grows, this will become more and more useful, I expect. Keywords will also disappear from time to time, so don't rely on them blindly. But that goes for everything in life, so don't forget your skid lid.

If clicking the links with your fat indexfinger is a bit difficult, or if you find the font too small to read properly, you can make things a bit bigger.
- on your phone of course by sliding it larger with your fingers
- on your Windows desk/laptop by typing Ctrl and +
> Ctrl and - it gets smaller again
> Ctrl and 0 (zero) is the initial size
- you can also change your reading screen size (e.g. useful when using the index: this way the columns are closer together, if you like that better), and only on the relevant tab. Then choose Ctrl and Shift and M. And then you can use the bottom right arrow corner to drag it larger or smaller. (click on the cross at the top right, or do Ctrl Shift M again to return to normal)


3. Whodundis and Contact'm

Author of Radio Klotestad is Hannah Celsius. Learn even more about her by listening here and there.
You can contact her also, if you're nice, by email and that is hannahcelsius@pm.me

Connect socially here:
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4. Privacy

This website doesn't track anything. And you don't get any cookies.

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DateTime: 2023 june 18, 12:24 CET
Author: Mulder


 Photography:Hannah Celsius (on photos)

© 2023 hannah celsius