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The Autism Files (overview)   [nederlands]

An overview of all kinds of autism related anecdotes, discoveries, and useful facts.

For now i've just put it all together, maybe when i've written more about it, i will make it more clear and separate things by subject.

Some items may trigger nasty things, and i think that is throughout all of this website. Only when very specific items (like abuse, intimidation, bullying) i will put a CW (content warning), but there might always be things triggering you in other, not CW, items. I write about all these things, to show how difficult our autistic lives are, as a very anecdotic illustration of the research which proved this, and that for instance suicide rates are very high amongst autistic people.

Translating into English is still a thing here... it is a lot of work, and to keep up with everything... i do the best i can.

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Balcony scenesA story about autists' powers.
Steps (17): Marblestairs.Complications and being different.
Today's Thoughts (6):5:Serial writerHow everything tumbles over each other.
Today's Thoughts (6):15:BSHostile environments.
What about that bakery car, Celsie?An early autistic anecdote

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