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The Dream Files (overview)   [nederlands]

A complete incomplete overview of Celsius' Dreams, an immense wealth of useless information, accompanied by side notes and dream theories that will abhor many experts. And all kinds of other nonsense about this endless subject.

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The Dreams 
All DreamsAll dreams in chronological order.
My dream theories 
Dream theoryVarious thoughts about dreams
Process technology at the Dream Factory: The embrace 
Today's Thoughts (5):28:About Drawing 
Links to other people's dreams and ideas about it. 
Whenever i find anything in books, papers, portals etcetera. 
Stories and poems based on Dreams 
At the kitchen table (7). 
Main movie afterdish. 
Moon sick 
Slumber Dance 
Snow Palace 
Steps (16): Universes. 
Today (5):12 
Today's Thoughts (6):4:Hotel Earth 
Today's Thoughts (6):15:BS 

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