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The GossipBullyAndTaunt Files (overview)  [english]

Another completely incomplete overview of all the gossip in Celsius' mysterious life. And everything that unfortunately goes along with that: bullying, taunting, intimidating... nothing is too crazy for people.
A CW is appropriate here: it can be quite triggering. I do not indicate this per item; just assume that everything in this category is utterly shitty. But perhaps educational - i wonder for whom: for other bullies or for those who do not want to participate? Is this not going to be more of a 'tips and facts for bullies'? I hope, of course, that anyone who reads this and ever once bullied, gossiped or who knows what, will stop it immediately and do their best to stop it from others as well.
More honestly, especially considering what i experienced recently, but also because of the fascists elections results everywhere, for example... i am not very confident about that.

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