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The Misogyny Files (overview)  [nederlandish]

A complete incomplete overview of Celsius' experiences, (collected) articles, posts, ideas and thoughts about misogyny.

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The Experiences 
CW / TW  The Misogyny FilesCelsius' own experiences in chronological order.
Thoughts and ideas about misogyny 
Links to other's thoughts and ideas about it 
Whenever i find something in books, papers, magazines, portals, blogs etc. 
Stories and poems based on my own Experiences. 
SoursingerVenijn en valse noten.
Balcony scenesMoeilijke types.
Clogs danceNasty bellers op klompen.
Flatsituation 2The matchmaker.
Flatsituation 1An intimidator in clogs.
Today's Thoughts (6):2: Traitor.Gesis in de wandelgangen.
Today's Thoughts (5):21: CorsageHet liefst sluiten ze ons op.
MarketVervelende marktkoopman.

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