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Out on the trails and into the lanes, for most people it's just a fun hobby. For me, it is a necessity, a reason to be somewhere other than just in my house once more, the only way to escape that house. Lately, I actually prefer not to go back too, when I walk around somewhere. I want to live in that place, even though there's a good chance that after a while I won't want to be there either. Don't I feel at home anywhere then, or only when I walk? Do you feel at home?
These Silly Walks could be seen as reports, a documentary search for that home. Am I going to find it?

"Does she find it or doesn't she?" It could just be a game show. Sort of like 'I Am Leaving' and 'Farmer Sks Wife' but with lottery elements. Basically pretty much as the current social housing state drags on, with points systems getting more and more complicated, priority situations (Own Residents First!) and freakout facilities.

Silly Walks (1): Estate.(photo series)With trees, sea, cows in fog. And the overwhelming visibility of rich people.
Silly Walks (2): a walkytalky through the neighbourhood.(video) The mulling route into the green.
Silly Walks (3): a walkytalky through a too pictoresqueluley town.(video) You know.
Silly Walks (4): Round.(photo series) Just a bit of nothingness.
Silly Walks (5): By the Sea.(photo series) From nature joy to melancholy.
Silly Walks (6): With out books.(column) Thinking about books while walking and after.
Silly Walks (7): At the dune.(photo series) Just dunes.

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