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At some point i noticed that i have taken quite a lot of pictures of stairs. At the moment (May 14, 2023) the counter is at about 68, but there are a number of doubles, because i made these from different points of view. Still, more than 60 stairs. Sometimes casually, because i found something else interesting, and the staircase dangled a bit in terms of subject interest, but it is still clearly visible in the photo as a staircase. So i counted that too. But most stairways are indeed the main subject of the photo.

I wondered: what am i going to do with it? Simply put it on the site, or make it into a book? It is possible, but there are also some counterarguments. Until i realized: with every photo there is a story. And if the story isn't there - could be - then i'll just add it. See here the - slowly progressing - result.

Episodes / photo's

Steps (1): In the rustle of the leafage i want to live. Stairway to a belvedère on one hill in the forest.
Steps (2): Free fall.Stairway on the ruins of a castle, with the artist contemplating in the shadows of well.
Steps (3): Steps.Two dancers stuck on a stairway (animation with sound & text).
Steps (4): Walls. With openings.About half a stairs to a door in an outdoor wall.
Steps (5): Spiraling.About turning and a bra on a spiral staircase.
Steps (6): In the dunes.A hidden stairs.
Steps (7): Higher on. Or not.Perspective is everything.
Steps (8): Cinematic escape routes.Historic fire escapes in New York.
Steps (9): Sheep. With coats.Hordes heading coast.
Steps (10): A stairway to the unknown.On a mountain, in a forest.
Steps (11): Don't kick down.Alway up, always.
Steps (12): The emergency exit.Yes, that one.
Steps (13): Seven Mile Stairs.Big steps, small steps.
Steps (14): Squat.Homesickness and activism.
Steps (15): Sturdy steps.Safety and upbringing.
Steps (16): Universes.All kinds of.
Steps (17): Marblestairs.In a fake theatre.
Steps (18): Underground.Into a damp void.

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DateTime: 2023 may 14, 19:04 CET
LatestEdit: 2023 sep 23, 12:57 CET
Author: Mulder

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