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Welcome at Radio Klotestad!    [nederlands]

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  Upcoming and current events  
★ Tekenkabinet XI; from July 15 the summer residency at Galerie Art Singel 100, Amsterdam.
★ TBA; Radio Free Fedi videoshow participant & background visuals.

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Newly added items
aug 3:    SKLOG: Started a new series of sky photos, one per day as from august 1 2023.

aug 3:    Drummer: About a buried drum kit. And another one.

aug 3:    The fly that spoke: Well. They might? Some day?

aug 15:    Party food: Pigs, squids and murder.

aug 18:    Shadowfigure: My companion reveals themself. A little.

aug 30:   Tags without the indexes: Have put the indexes and tags on separate pages, because the number of indexes is increasing. I hope it is clear...
Indexes now without the tags

sep 13:    RULES: The first part of the drawing workshop, feel free to participate at any time!

sep 14:    Soursinger: Shitty or should i just say lousy sex, an anecdote from the eighties.

sep 23:    Steps: A new episode (18): Underground.

(not very) Soon in this Theatre:
  The Misogyny Files (available in the Dutch version, translation will take a couple of ?).
  Knorporix: scenario for a documentary (with original photo footage).

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