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Apse in the forest (park)  [nederlands]

That I was walking in a park, no: forest, no: something in between, and saw a slightly shaded spot, with a piece of tree trunk, lots of tall ferns, with just enough space to hide a small sheltered tent behind, and that I thought: it might be nice to stay there for a night, or longer (as long as necessary). With half-liter beer cans within reach, and immediately I thought, you could bury them under the earth, then they would become cool by themselves. And that I would then be alone there; just too far away not to hear the whining, and just close enough to be able to take the high road towards inhabited ground in case of calamities. Although that might also be a bit doubtful, I don't walk that fast.

I would also dig a pee trench, which would slope down a bit in the opposite direction of myself, and of course a little further away. The tent had to be as small as possible, and in the colors of the trees, leaves, earth.
Googling and yes, I found the Ferrino Sling tent.
Pleasing text too, if you know what an apse is:
"Product description Ferrino Sling 1P Tent.

It's simply one of the most compact tents on the market: the Ferrino Sling 1 tent is designed for trekking and independent travel. Imagine Sling 1 when folded: it is only 32 cm long and 12 cm wide. But it offers a room 220 cm long and 80 cm wide shoulders. And we have an apse at the entrance to store equipment." (source: look it up yourself, I'm not an influencer).

I didn't know what an apse is. Further googling, then:
"An apse or apside (absidio) is a semicircular, or polygonal, alcove-shaped space on a basilica, church, cathedral or temple." (source: Dutch Wikipedia)

Immediately I thought of Jahon Tohan, the artist with the barely reversible name, which you check every time to make sure it's not really so after all, with a temporary workplace in a church in his hometown. A number of his sculptures could easily stand next to and around my desired tent. As gatekeepers, sphinxes, mascots perhaps.

Anyway, that web shop text speaks of an apse of store material. Should I imagine an alcove-shaped space formed by shelving units and billboards?

I haven't been able to come to a decision yet. Do I go into the forest (park), or continue to defy fellow humans from my 3-bedroom maisonetteke in an urban area to begentrified? Okay, the idea was one night, with walkout; but suppose I really like it, and don't want to go back? I couldn't think about it. So I walked on and on and on. Until I came to another forest (park), in a very different district, in a very different mood.
And there in the midst of all the beautiful greenery, the leaves, the tree stumps here and there flattened on the ground to offer the moss and the little animals something too, I saw a red bonnet. With a graying beard underneath. Before I saw the face, I looked away. I didn't want to disturb the man. Because if it had been me, I too would have liked to be left alone.
And he may not have had a tent, but housed in his knitted, red apse, and that was enough. For then.

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