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Argh.   [nederlands]

1998, 60 x 40 cm, oil on board.

The successor to the self-tormenting self-portrait ; by some this work was called A or The Scream. During one exhibition an art student told my son, that it was obvious i had used a photograph as an example for some of my paintings, because it was too flat.
It's true, I copied this portrait from a very annoying advertisement, no idea what for. I also used photos for other portraits.
During an Open Studio route some years later, a woman walked in, and as soon as she stepped in and saw this painting, she was very shocked. I was really flabbergasted that someone is shocked by this.
When I moved and I couldn't take everything with me anymore, I gave it away to someone from a Feastbook group.

DateTime: 2023 mar 20, 14:43 CET
Author: Mulder

 The Scream 

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