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Cv of Hannah Celsius  [nederlands]

Hannah Celsius AKA Haagsman AKA Radio Klotestad AKA Mulder fell into this world on a cold and cloudy april's day, 1963, with Klotestad as a grain of thought on a sideroad in the back of her mind, patiently waiting to bloom. Many years later she found herself a cave in the underst of undergroundest of Amsterdam, which we now know as D4-401, short for District 4, section 401, where she is currently living as a hermit, and working on this autofictographysticated archival project, amongst other obscure things.

If you're looking for her portfolio, surf yourself to this page.

Upcoming and current events 2023

★ Discover sounds & tunes! Radio Klotestad S2 2023/2024; 10 episodes are still online until a new season, but nobody knows when that will be.

Exhibitions & projects (selection, * solo)

2023 / Tekenkabinet XI; Projectruimte BMB, Amsterdam
2023 / No Future On Mondays; screening, curated by Bettina Munk; Scotty, Berlin
2022 / Lines Fiction – animation in Film Reel 2022, Galerie am Körnerpark, Berlin
2020-2023 / *Gratis Tekening, with Tekeningen Takeaways @ De Meeuw (2021) and some other place(2021-2022)
2020 / The Big Draw – ACEC, Apeldoorn;
2020 / Tekenkabinet XS en Winterkabinet XS, Amsterdam
2018 / Group show Brooklyn Art Library / USA Tour – New York, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta
2017 / Group show @ Twitter, Studio 47
2016 / Group show @ C-Lab, Amsterdam
2015 / Some vague street art project (Netherlands) ~~ 1000 Photos Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger ~~ Poëzie vanaf het Kruithuisje, Alkmaar
2013 / Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland & Kunstsalon Assen, NL
2012 / Open Source, Koepelhal, Incubate, Tilburg, NL ~~ 1000 Drawings, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam NL
2011 / Open Source, FAXX gebouw, Incubate, Tilburg NL ~~ 1000 Drawings, Trouw, Amsterdam. NL
2010 / Reinvented Space version 1.3 extended, NP3, Groningen. NL ~~ Global Village, Grote Kerk, Alkmaar NL
2009 / * VOID, Podium Victorie, Alkmaar. NL ~~ Aanwas 5, Loods 6, Amsterdam. NL ~~ Kunst tot de Nacht, Alkmaar. NL ~~ Huntenkunst Art fair, Doetinchem. NL ~~ Boesner Salon, Amsterdam. NL ~~ * Droomstad. Centrale Bibliotheek, Alkmaar. NL
2008 / * Drawings. Atelier 9en40, Alkmaar. NL ~~ Huntenkunst Art fair, Doetinchem. NL ~~ Gloria in excelsis deo et…, Werkatelier Richter, Den Helder. NL ~~ Wrap2008, www
2007 / 4th Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs entries, Beetsterzwaag. NL ~~ Miniature museum Dr. Sarphatihuis, Amsterdam. NL
2006 / Galerie Fris, De Raad, Alkmaar. NL
2005 / MHNK, Atlantis, Alkmaar. NL
2000 / Art4U @ Eyssen Factory, Alkmaar. NL

Performances (words, sound)

2023 / march, june / Radio Klotestad radiovideoset for Sets @ provo.lol (Twitch / Peertube)
2022 / Radio Klotestad radiovideoshow (7 digital episodes via Mixcloud)
2020-2021 / Straatruis twitterradio (27 episodes online via Twitter)
2015 / Poetry performance at Clarissenbolwerk / Het Kruithuisje, Alkmaar
2015 / Poetry performance at Stadsboerderij Osdorp, Amsterdam
2007 / Pecha kucha @ Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
1994 - 2002 / Poetry performances at (a.o.) Café De Koe, Melkweg (Amsterdam), Muziekcafé Koekkoek (Groningen), Vyssotski (Amersfoort), Literair festival De Wintertuin (Arnhem, Nijmegen), Beeldentuin (Akersloot), Provadja, Atlantis, (Alkmaar), Jongerencentrum Castricum, Museum vd 20e Eeuw (Hoorn), Radio Vrede, Radio Bloemendaal.

Publications (* review)

Testimonials of the Collectively Abandoned, jan. 2024 - a zine by @LetterToOurComrades@rant.li and Discover the pdf! at archive.org
Moordballaden. Op ware moorden gebaseerde gedichten (Murder ballads. Poems based on real-life murders), samenstelling Bart FM Droog, NPE 2017
Visual Artbeat magazine # 8, New Collections, January 2012
* Trendbeheer.com, “Rondje Groningen” www.trendbeheer.com, (accessed Dec 6 2010).
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* Mister Motley, website, “Wrap2008.net; Een verslag” by Iris van der Graaff (accessed Sept 2008).
Huntenkunst 2008, Catalog , Doetinchem, 2008.
Interview, “Alkmaar vanuit een ander perspectief”, Webregio.tv, 2008.
* Alkmaar Anders gebundeld, Noordhollands Dagblad / Alkmaarsche Courant, 14 dec 2007.
Alkmaar Anders, Various artists, Alkmaar, 2007.
Miniatuurmuseum. 119 kunstenaars maken miniaturen voor de bewoners van het Dr. Sarphatihuis, Catalog, Amsterdam, 2007.
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* Jan Louter, “Een Schreeuw in Atlantis”, Noordhollands Dagblad / Alkmaarsche Courant, Nov 3, 2005;Discover! Review
Netwerk. De beste gedichten van het internet, Ed. by Erwin vd Vijver, Aurelius Publishing.
Various Artists, Celsius, A volume of verse published under direct management, 1997.
°Celsius – Tydschryven, From Dec 1995 until Oct 2000 (free) magazine, in a limited edition of 50 copies, distributed through the Netherlands.
Mosselvocht 1. [De zomer bracht geluk.], Poetry magazine, ed. by Inge Pieters and Harmen Lustig. 1995.
* Priem Price Poetry 1994, Amersfoortse Courant/Veluws Dagblad, Aug 24 1994.

Awards and honors

Saatchi Online Homepage artist of the Week, July 2010.
Priem Prijs Poetry, Amersfoort, 1994.


2005 – now : animation, 3D design, DTP (Adobe, Davinci Resolve, Sketchup)
2004 : video docymentary course by Stefan Majakovski (Mk24, Amsterdam)
1996 – now : art self-study
1988 – now : ICT related trainings & courses (Adlib, Excel, coding, databases, webdesign, networks, cms)
1983 : drawing lessons (ACKV, Alkmaar)


Initiator wrap2008.net (Web Relay Art Project):
<<In 2008/2009 I initiated an international art project on the internet, wrap2008.net, in which 30 international both unknown and renown artists participated (Jack Sal, Baukje Spaltro, Erik Alkema, Gareth Hopkins a.o.). It consisted of 30 pieces which connected and responded at each other.>>

Various jobs as a single mother of one, library person, ICT service desk employee, Adlib application manager, collection registrator, content manager, (freelance) webdesigner & interior decorations designer, mail sorter, postwoman, data entry employee, catering person, cleaning lady, food feeder at a hospital, transcripter, cataloguer, digitization person, and book clearing emploweeeee at the public library. Once i also tried to get away with a bakery cart, but that's a completely different story.

DatumTijd: 2023 july 2, 18:18 CET
LatestEdit: 2024 jan 27, 11:57 CET
Auteur: Mulder


 Film: Hannah Celsius
 Photography: Hannah Celsius
 Poetry: Hannah Celsius
 Sculptures: Hannah Celsius
 Drawing, painting: Hannah Celsius

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