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DIY diaries  [nederlandish]

Remember that moment each year you got your new school diary? I always loved it: searching for a nice one at the 'Back To School Campus', and then filling it with all kinds of personal stuff, to make it your own. I don't know why i did not keep those old skool ones, or perhaps they are still at my parents place.
I still love doing this, but developed some new hobby with it: making ordinary notebooks into diaries. Some people called me nuts for doing this, but who cares?
I like doing this for several reasons. First of all, just the fun to make something the way you (sort of) want it. Second: because this way it's much cheaper, you don't need to buy fancy stuff anymore. And last but certainly not least: old notebooks don't have to be thrown away, but can be refurbished.

It's always nice to feel and scroll through the old diaries once in a while.
What strikes me mostly, is that i totally forgot about the kinds of appointments i had at the time, and with whom. For example in the 1990 diary, i now notice i had several appointments with Gruïde, about whether he was or was not the father of my son (at that time already almost 5 years old). We went to have bloodtests, also with Henrique and with my son. It turned out the closest match was with Henrique.
At that time i was still very much in love with Gruïde.
I don't think he was ever in love with me. We were 'dating' (depends on whether you consider having sex is 'dating') from 1983 until somewhere in 1984. Then i met Henrique, and somewhere in that time i became pregnant (which i only found out several months later), so it was not clear who was the actual father.
When meeting with Gruïde about this, he was quite emotional, and once he told me, that he had the gut feeling that Arie was his son. He had a son with his girlfriend of about the same age, and he said literally, that he felt Arie was more his son than his actual son Tron.

For a long time I did not have an official job, although sometimes i cleaned some houses for a while. I never had have a proper job after i left school, because like very much young people in the 80's, nobody wanted us. I'm born in 1963 and consider myself part of Generation X, although some might say i'm of the babyboom generation. If you would see my whole work timeline, it's obvious it's totally GenX. I have never been rich, never owned a house, had only for 5 years one steady job, after i lost that one too i had to jobhop from one flexjob to another, and have been without work for many longer periods of time. Like now.
But it explains the sometimes cheap-ass solutions for many things in my life. As with the diaries, for instance the budget one of 1991.

The thing i hate most of the usual premade diaries, is the amount of useless information. Like the 1993 diary:
The first 30+ pages are filled with the year calendars of 1992, 1993, 1994. Than the holidays and festive days of that year, the royal birthday's (WHY?), seasonal days, future festive days, school holidays, one page to fill in your personal free days. Than several pages of foreign festive days, measurements, windforce, earthquake scales, titles, distances in kilometres and the time it takes from one place to another by AIRPLANE (i had never been in an airplane at that time), roadside assistance stations (i did not have a car, and still don't), a table of distances in the Netherlands, traffic rules abroad, automatic international calling.

Sadly i lost some years, i guess because i started using an organizer. Only the ones from 2001 until 2007 i kept.
I like the comfy one i had in 2008; you have something to hold on to, in difficult situations. Like we have our phones now. For me i still like to use the paper ones, for this reason also. Whenever i have an appointment, i can put it on the table, write a bit, draw, just scroll a bit through the pages.
Although you have to take care, that people don't glance into it. I had several occasions, when someone peeped in my diary, and making assumptions or decisions based on what was written in it. I really hated that. They should have just asked, and be satisfied with whatever answer they got.

With the bigger notebooks i used, i made a separate notes-section. At first i used it well, but somehow i now have a separate, small notebook. And a terrible amount of pieces of paper on the loose, floating through the rooms, taking up space, and finally, at some point, ever, ending up in the paper bin.
I still need to fix some workarounds for that somehow.

The diaries in photos

1 / 50
All diaries are photographed on the same white table. Diary  covered with black tape, only showing a part of a photo with eyes
1990 front;
This one i bought at the radical left bookshop and has a title: Dagelijks Druk, which can be translated as 'daily busy' but also as 'daily press (-ing)'. Apparently i did not like the front cover, so i altered it with black tape to keep only the eyes.
2 / 50
The first page spread with a strange colored photo of mountains and a road, surrounded by black tape; the other page is black with white font text saying: We've got nothing against revolution.
1990 first page spread;
At the rear side i mounted one of my weird (analog) holiday photos, that were left in the sun before developing, and looks more like some psychotrip than a family vacation. With a family like mine, there is not much difference though.
3 / 50
Page spread with on one page a Dutch poem about the difficulties of 'our struggle' and the other page containing some personal notes; one about calling Gruïde, another about some music for anti-apartheid, and the message 'Molly again to Zuiderbuit' in Dutch
1990 some page spread;
It's full of leftist quotes, photo's, little comics, art and poetry.
4 / 50
Diary front cover with Budget Agenda and nibud 1991 printed on it, and some blue and red scribblings design.
Budget Agenda of the Nibud, the Dutch organisation for budget education.
5 / 50
Page spread of diary pages, with dark grey and light grey columns on the sides, to make budgetary notes. Lots of notes about money and appointments, one says 'fonduen in Haarlem'
So, this budgettairy thing must have been wise, although i did't help, after all you just get a very very minimum budget. Then you can budget your ass around as much as you'd like, but at the end of the month you have still many days left.
6 / 50
Spread of some last pages with 'Notes' printed in Dutch, and with several notes about potatoes and music
Yes, entering the nineties indeed. Whatever we now call 'biologic' food, was then called 'ecologic' and i went for the potatoes.
7 / 50
Frontcover of a very thin diary, with printed text and barcode, and some notes with pen and pencil and some red scribbles on it
Dataplan 14.
8 / 50
Spread of the same diary, one page with the calendars of 1992 and 1993, with crosses and circles, and the other page filled with some calculations of monthly payments, concluding only 7,01 (gulden?) left
As you can see, it's first pages illustrates my 1991 description very well.
9 / 50
Fragment of a page, february 3rd, with a (Dutch) note, stating that there was a gasping man on the phone, who sounded like Tuut
It is an agenda filling for an organizer, but i didn't have one.
10 / 50
The front cover of a Roald Dahl 1992 diary
I also had a Roald Dahl journal, i got it as a present, but i only used it the first couple of weeks, later on in the year only a few scribbles.
11 / 50
The front cover of a black pocket diary with a vertical red line and the text 93 in Dutch, fully written (Drieënnegentig)
A real pocket agenda!
12 / 50
Spread of this diary, with several appointments, a birthday mention (Frits), physiotherapy, and a poetry award coming in Amersfoort at café Vyssotski
Cool poetry appointment there. (i won that prize in 1994 though, not then)
13 / 50
Several white envelopes with 'agenda 2001' and 2002 on it, containing the organizer fillings
From 1994-2000 i did not keep the organizer fillings. These are very boring ofcourse, so that's why i stopped using this thing.
14 / 50
Front cover of a lilac diary with in pink 'agenda 2008' with a soft pink ribbon
The nice, soft, lilac and pink diary, it felt very comfy.
15 / 50
Spread of the first page, with a green and white card attached to it. (text in caption)
I don't like quotes, still i attached this one at that time:
Don't choose with your head, but with your heart. Your mind is there to understand choices, not to make them.
16 / 50
Frontcover of a spiralled diary, with brown colors, and several white/black stickers; one of a drawn trumpet, another of a doorbell, and one of a drawing of a girl with black hair with a crow on her head. Andd one with text, see captions.
Still an official diary i bought, but pimped it with stickers. The text one: Enter at your own risk!
17 / 50
The back cover, with flowery browns and a sticker in white and red font saying 'love' .
Another sticker at the back.
18 / 50
Inner spread, one page with a yellow sticky note, on a photo of something zen with a zenny quote, and the other page with small white stickers with a red cross on it, and some notes
And little ones inside to mark days of.
19 / 50
Black front cover with a red figure cut out, with red paint on it, and in gold '2010' with the Ryam logo with a crown on top.
Again an official diary, but ofcourse i had to alter it. With a knife and red paint.
20 / 50
Black front cover with golden '2011' on it
Just a boring one, but it felt nicely soft.
21 / 50
Red front cover, imprinted '2012', with a red ribbon.
Just a simple red one.
22 / 50
Zebra striped front cover, with a black and white sticker on it of a opened bird cage. In grey '2013'.
The zebra kind of diary, and soft! Again: stickers!
23 / 50
Black front cover with in gold '2014' and several green leaves stickers, a bigger red and white 'love' sticker and a little one of a red lady-bug.
Also a simple one, but stickered.
24 / 50
Self made front cover with a fragment of a large drawing and paint on canvas, some pages peeping out on the side
I made this one by hand; its cover is from some painted drawing i once made.
25 / 50
The first page spread, with several notes. It looks weary.
It's very thin, so it stops in august.
26 / 50
The front cover of a small black notebook, imprinted with a logo and the name Redhat, with a red ribbon.
This one is made from a Redhat notebook i got at a Python event.
27 / 50
Same notebook, first page spread with a white and black sticker, stating 'have a nice weekend'.
The sticker at the first page was meant completely sarcastic.
28 / 50
Same notebook, last page spread seen from above, to show the secret pocket.
It has a secret pocket in the back, with nothing in it, unfortunately.
29 / 50
Brown front cover of a thin notebook, AGENDA written on it and a red sticker with the rockhand symbol in black and white.
Again a very thin one. The sticker is from a webshop.
30 / 50
First page spread of the same diary, with notes and some strange drawing of a person with a funnel in stead of a head.
I can't remember why i made this drawing.
31 / 50
Spread of the whole cover, in brown , with a blue ribbon, and a sticker from Paradiso Vinyl Club in black and white, and Vans, off the wall in red and white. Written on the cover is 'AGENDA' and the dates
The second diary of this year. By now i think you know i love stickers.
32 / 50
Front cover of a salmon colored notebook, with again a rockhand symbol sticker in red, black and white. It has an orange ribbon.
2017 / 2017;
I had bought a stack of notebooks; and again a webshop sticker.
33 / 50
Front cover of a brown notebook with a black ribbon, also the text 'Agenda' and the dates written on it.
The second of 2017. The year i lost my job because of bullies.
34 / 50
Same diary, spread of october 18 and 19, with several notes written, one stating 'became ill / ER' and the next day a course cancelled.
I lost my job, and my health. 18 oct i was taken by ambulance from work. Never returned.
35 / 50
Another salmon colored one, with a white and black sticker in Dutch, stating LAMP POST (lantaarnpaal).
The LAMP POST one.
36 / 50
Another brown one, with a brown ribbon, and again the text 'AGENDA' with its dates written on it.
The simple one.
37 / 50
Cover spread of a black diary, with stickers in red and white, with texts: Te quiro, Je t'adore, and LOVE.
The 'i am in love' one.
38 / 50
Front cover of a turquoise diary, with lots of stickers on it.
And the Klebstoff (sticker mag) one.
39 / 50
Back cover is also covered with many stickers.
I started to divide the bigger notebooks in two flipped over sections: 1 for diary, and the other for notes.
40 / 50
Same size, but black diary, with one sticker is a black flag with white pole and text: boring' on it.
Same here: section Boring for the (chronicly ill boring) diary.
41 / 50
Flip side of the notebook side, with a dancing figurine sticker and a white and red sticker with an arrow pointing towards 'internet'.
And the backflip part for the notes.
42 / 50
First spread of this diary, drawn text '2020 notes and a cloud of many small cubes drawn next to it.
Some useless reminder.
43 / 50
First spread of the flipside of this diary, drawn text '2020 agenda'.
And another one.
44 / 50
A spiralled diary with plastic transparent cover with the text 'simple is beautiful'.
The most ugly diary i ever had. But i could order it together with the groceries, very pandemic wise.
45 / 50
Black spiralled cover with a sticker of a giant syringe with some strange stuff inside. On the side a green plastic tab.
This one i could order with some towels. In the beginning the cover was okay, but it became weirdly bent. It had not been near any heater or such.
46 / 50
The back of that same black diary, sticker saying 'fuck' with the same strange stuff; also a black ribbon attached at the back, and the green plastic tab on the other side.
Stickers by Klebstoff.
47 / 50
Spread of this diary, with on one page some dates of end december, and a sticker of Radio Klotestad, and 4 lottery codes. The other page is the plastic green tab page.
I used a tab divider from the Ugly 1.
48 / 50
Another spread of this diary, two lined but completely empty pages.
The notes section stayed empty. Though the notes i make are all over the place. And in a little notebook.
49 / 50
A large cashier journal, named Atlanta, in blue and white colors with some text, which is partly covered with stickers, 2 of figurines, and one in black and white, text is: You confront the Abstract Art' and the other, also  black and white, text: You can break some walls with hammers to find secrets.
I did not want to order anything, and this cashier journal was sleeping in the cupboard for years.
50 / 50
Dated but not yet used spread from the same diary.
It barely fits in my backpack. It has lots of room for notes though. But will i use that?


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