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DoomAndGloomSalad  [nederlandish]

It's Doom and Gloom everywhere, so let's make a salad out of that. You can eat it at any time, for lunch, breakfast, as a snack, whatever misery situation applies: it fits. You gotta love cucumber and cheese. But otherwise it is very easy to make, and you can vary it with anything or more. Bon appetit, i hope your tears dry soon!

PS: The photo has mysteriously disappeared, so you can still keep it from me.

Ingredients for 2 persons, as a side dish:
1 cucumber, washed, not peeled, coarsely grated.
Cheese, which ever and how much you please, into small cubes
White wine vinegar, a dash.
Mayonnaise, fries sauce or garlic sauce, as desired.
Garlic, chopped or pressed (if you are not using garlic sauce). Herbs to taste, e.g. Italian dried herb mix.

How to:
Throw everything in a bowl and mix it together.
If the cucumber and cheese have just been removed from the refrigerator, let the salad sit for half an hour until it is a bit warmer, this will improve the taste.
The salad can always be brightened up with other ingredients, if sad times permit. For example, you can add tomato, shredded or julienne carrot, lettuce in whatever form, celery, chicory, bell pepper.

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