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At the kitchen table (1)  [nederlands]

Vanputten is sitting at my kitchen table. I call her that, she prefers not to call herself anything. She has completely forgotten herself, to such an extent that just a speck is visible on the seat of the wooden chair. I hear her complaining: a little voice from the distance that melts her memories with an intensity that would be reminiscent of spontaneous combustion, if you didn't see it.
It's all just too small for that.

I stare at her with my telescope. This is the fifth time she has come by, within one week. The dot imagines itself to be the center, and she is allowed to have it for a while, but it shouldn't be the case that i am screwed every day. Her buzz has actually been bothering me for days. I grab the morning paper. Peace in one fell swoop.
The dishcloth sucks her up greedily when I clean the seat.

The plants are calling. I have to go. Taking water, giving life. You wouldn't say it, but i'm a good person.

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Author: Mulder
 At The Kitchen Table (overview) 
 Characters: Vanputten

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