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At the kitchen table (2)  [nederlands]

The last time Ex was here, i was busy peeling potatoes. As he talked about the fabulous trips he was going to take, I thought about my mother's potato peeler. The gray stream of sludge that came out of the drain spout, and the earthy smell that did not exactly stimulate the appetite.

Myanmar, Brazzaville, Thailand maybe (at this he winked).
We had just returned from a midweek stay in convinced frumpy Ameland, where he had emerged as a horse lover and a novice photographer, a combination that now serves me well.

I happily photoshop a horse head onto the photo of his new girlfriend, which i found on his Facebook timeline.
And please, spare me your tender-hearted horses-are-noble-animals bullshit. Animals, people, there is nothing noble about having a sexual organ.

It is heavy autumn. Stew time. And so i return to the noble craft of manual potato peeling, here at my checkered set kitchen table. I ignore the clopping of hooves at the back door. He looks good there.

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Author: Mulder
 At The Kitchen Table (overview) 
 Characters: Ex

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