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At the kitchen table (3)  [nederlands]

The best thinking happens while walking, but anyone who regularly does the dishes knows that even then deeper layers of the self are tapped, and thoughts arise that you didn't know you had in you, let alone you had the ability to think of it.

My guest was a handsome man, a dark curled beauty with jet black sparkling eyes. Fled from a far country, landed with a lover, and now ready for a new episode. During dessert i wondered if he was also thinking about whether we were going to have sex.

Nothing happened but talking, and drinking. Until his almost-ex called him and demanded he come and talk. He left with a slurred expression. I haven't heard from him since, and it's been almost three weeks. His cell phone appears to be turned off, no voicemail. I didn't see him in the pub anymore either. I don't know where he lives. Every time i hear that a dead man has been found, i think of him.

While doing the dishes tonight i heard the news through my laptop on the kitchen table.
The police had found a dead man sitting in a red car neatly parked on a quiet road. Suicide, was the suspicion.
Did he have a car? I always saw him with a bicycle.
They showed no images, no scary puffy dead white waterhead. The next item was about ring-neck parakeets that throw stones and harass passers-by. People went outside under umbrellas and armed with fly swatters, and mourned the damaged can at the curb.

I closed the laptop and continued doing the dishes. The glasses, the cups, the plates, the cutlery. The plastic, and then the pans.

As if everything always has a rhythm, and if that is broken, it no longer lives.

I thought about the birds. It seemed as if animals were getting smarter. My cat who now speaks a few words: hungry, mwoah, no, fivie (short for giving a high-five, or 'high-fivie' that i taught him). What is the rhythm of evolution? How fast did it go, how fast is it going, and is the speed increasing? Is it the same with our technological evolution, for example? Would cats be able to speak fully in a hundred years? Are parakeets the parking attendants of the future?
I wish i would never die so i could know it all.

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