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At the kitchen table (4)  [nederlands]

Despite the gray drop, the chairman of the Association of Radicalizing Elderly came to see me this morning. I suspect he was hoping i would serve a drink with his coffee, but i didn't. It shouldn't get too crazy.

He told me that there had been a huge influx of new members since the beginning of this year, and that all those new tens of euros needed to be channeled into an orderly administration. He asked me if i would like to become their treasurer, and for a moment i had a vision of a glorious future.
Unfortunately it was an unpaid position.
I showed him the bottomless pit of my wallet. A pit in which interests could all too easily become intertwined, and in which the tens could just as easily flutter down.

He walked off displeased. He hadn't even drunk his coffee, which might be seen as quite radical. But don't worry, the next guest was already in the doorway.

With her foot and her sweet eight-year-old son in the door, she begged for a conversation from person to person. I could hardly refuse. In these difficult times, there are so few real conversations.
I refilled the abandoned cup of coffee and attempted to really listen. But my thoughts soon wandered as i watched her drink her coffee. It was a kind of gulping down greedily, where it then remained in her mouth for several seconds, as if she intended to spit it out again. But then - luckily! - she decided to swallow it anyway. I got unpleasant associations. And i also witnessed the mixing of the drool of the radical elder with that of the Jehovah. It is difficult to determine which chemical reaction took place.
It went fast.
Her hair suddenly turned bright red and her breasts swelled to such an extent that her blouse and bra broke loose. Her head started spinning, she stuck out her now blue-black tongue and made creepy throat noises.
The child ran away screaming.
I quickly grabbed the bone from the dog, who was hiding anxiously behind a chair, and threw it outside after the boy. The she-devil galloped after it, drooling.

What i then heard on the street raised questions, but i closed the door. I can't emphasize it enough: a good person lives here.

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Author: Mulder
 At The Kitchen Table (overview) 
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