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Knorporix [scenario for a documentary].  [nederlands]

A red cycle path with grass, trees, bushes and lampposts.   An intersection of various higher and lower metro and train tracks, seen from under the concrete viaduct of one of those tracks. Ahead you will see a yellow-blue NS train, and above it a GVB metro. Below the viaduct there is barren grassland and bushes. There are windmills in the distance.

Under a building or viaduct, next to a wall, part of the brick sidewalk has been broken up. Someone has stacked a few stones into a small structure. There is an empty juice bottle and a red cap.   A large well with a double steel cover, with a post next to it, in the bushes, through which some sunlight falls on the well and the grass next to it.

LOCATION: Thursday, 8:35, central office ground floor.
CHARACTERS: main character (MC), group of co-workers (GCs), co-worker Vera.

MC: Enters central office, greets in general.
GC's: Mumbling, 1 woman says hello in a friendly manner.
Vera: Good morning..
MC: Good morning!
Vera: How did it go yesterday?
MC: (a little surprised) O eh.... yeah it was great!
MC tells in a few sentences about the tour of the archive and the pleasant closing drinks.
GC's: ...
MC: ... and walks desperately to her workplace.
Vera, with difficulty: ... Hey... how nice.
MC: ... yes!
The sound of hands typing, some giggling, and somewhere in the background, at the top of the building, a telephone is ringing. MC disappears into her screen.

A place in the bushes with a wooden pallet standing upright against a tree, a tarp and some stuff, as if someone is sleeping there, or does so often.   A road with cycle path and sidewalk in an industrial park setting, about 20 meters away 4 men are walking for lunch, the man on the right has bow legs. They are not wearing a coat and have been seen from the back.

A detail of a red, oversized chair, diagonally behind it a small dining table with 2 white chairs next to a window.   A giant football on a small grassy hill, trees behind it.

LOCATION: Thursday, 17:25, station and train.
CHARACTERS: MC, Teun, fellow passenger extras.

MC: Calmly enters the station, goes to the platform and just sees her train leaving. She goes back to the hall, looks at the signs with departure times and runs down the stairs to another platform.
As soon as MC is on the platform, an announcement is made that the train is leaving from another platform. Everyone and MC run up the stairs and through the hall, and down another flight of stairs.
As soon as MC is on the platform, a train is just leaving. There is not a word on the signs now. MC tiredly drags herself upstairs and stands in the hall. Then decide at random to go to another platform, where a train should arrive in a while.
MC waits on the platform, staring into the distance. When the train finally comes, and MC looks at the train, she sees a familiar face in the nearest compartment, Teun.
They greet each other in amazement and kind of happy, they haven't seen each other for years. They talk about what they are doing these days, Teun talks about his son, he is just on his way to play chess together, who turns out to have become a famous actor. MC tells a few things about her son, who works in the music world. It is a short train ride, and they say goodbye at the station square.

A path with trees on both sides, which is protected by a fence with a no access for unauthorized persons sign, with extensive text that is not clearly legible in the photo.   A red cycle path with a sidewalk next to it, some trees and bushes, with a cream-colored building in the background with the FNV logo on top.

A gray cloudy sky that becomes very dark in the distance, above a red cycle path with a sidewalk next to it, with bushes and trees and grass and a number of lampposts.   A dead rabbit on the edge of a cycle path. The animal lies on its side and looks undamaged, only the eyes show that it is dead.

LOCATION: A monday afternoon, during lunch, somewhere outside in the vicinity of the Knorporix building.
CHARACTERS: MC, extra's in cars, a woman, several dogs.

It is dry, MC goes for a lunch walk, alone, as usual.
At the end of a long and quiet cycle path through a kind of nature reserve and along sports fields, there is a busy motorway. There is a sheepdog walking across the middle of the road, he has just come from a busy intersection, where he just crossed.
MC is shocked and calls the dog, who looks at her for a moment, but continues to walk anyway. Motorists honk, someone looks at MC and points his finger on his forehead. One car stops, a woman hurriedly gets out, and says she saw the dog before, and she has an idea to lure the dog, because as she says, she has dogs of her own. Indeed: there are two large Saint Bernards in the back of the car. Calling and cajoling the dog does nothing.
She gets back in and the car moves slowly, following the dog? Which has already run a lot further. MC runs along for a while but even now, the dog only looks back, but continues to run. He disappears into the distance, towards another busy intersection, where MC can just see that he also survives, fortunately.

LOCATION: Same monday afternoon, after lunch, central office.
CHARACTERS: MC, GCs, co-worker Marianne.

It is quiet in the central office, everyone is working. MC comes in, there are leaves in her hair, and she talks about what just happened.
The GCs continue working, some turn their heads to MC for a moment, and then continue working.
Nobody responds.
Marianne then takes the trouble to say something: Oh... dear.
MC disappears in her screen.

A sidewalk with grass on both sides, leading to under the railway viaduct of a station.   The ground under a railway viaduct, part is dark earth, and part is lighter colored. Some grass here and there.

A free-standing climbing wall, with a blue sky behind it with some white clouds.   The interior of a train, you only see the blue headboards of the seats, a glass partition, some heads of people sitting and a man walking down the aisle. There are large round illuminated lamps on the ceiling.

LOCATION: Monday morning, 09:30, central office.
CHARACTERS: GCs, MC, Mark the Manager, co-worker Marja.

It is quiet in the central office, there is some whispering and soft laughter, and Mark the Manager enters from the stairwell.
MC's workplace is at the very back of the central office, in a corner, but still visible. Mark the Manager visits all the people in the large office room, chats, talks about his holiday, asks here and there how things are going.
MC asks Marja who he is.
Marja: Oh, hadn't you met yet? Oh no, of course not, you came to work here when he hadn't yet returned from holiday.
Her phone rings, she calls. Mark the Manager comes closer and closer, and at one point he stands at Marja's desk, who hangs up, and they have a chat.
MC is not introduced, and Mark the Manager pretends not to see her. And then he walks on to another colleague, and after having a chat with him, he walks away.
A few of the GCs whisper to each other:
"That's rather unfriendly, that he doesn't say anything to her."
MC is visibly uncomfortable and disappears back into her screen.

View of the rears of 5 office buildings located on the water, with trees and bushes on the other side of the water.   A cardboard sign with Haha Beer painted in large letters, decorated with some blue and green dots. It's in the gutter next to weeds and some fallen leaves and some mud.

A large pile of tree trunks, on the side of a large brick road, with trees in the background.   A few electricity boxes, they are slightly slanted, next to a sidewalk with some bushes and the station viaduct in the background. Posters of women in swimwear have been taped to one cabinet, they have faded white.

LOCATION: Friday afternoon, about three o'clock, outside behind the Knorporix building, as seen from one window.
CHARACTERS: Unknown man, MC.

MC pauses for a moment, pours herself a cup of water and walks to a window near an empty work area. She looks outside a bit.
Outside, behind the building, is a wide ditch, with a strip of grass, some trees and bushes behind it. On the grass, a little hidden from people walking on the road or sidewalk, but in full view of all the nearby office buildings, a man puts down a rug and starts praying.
Back inside, MC walks to her workplace. She doesn't say anything. Nobody says anything.

A view of an empty parking lot, with lampposts, overhead lines in the distance, and smoking industrial pipes, against a setting sun with a gray layer of clouds above it.   A brown-red Corten steel work of art that resembles a piece of cheese on 4 long legs. It stands in a field of grass and flowers, against a background of trees.

A somewhat vague art image in various shades of pink, it is oval and in a gray frame, attached to an inner wall of a train.   Train viaduct with many overhead lines photographed from a reed-covered verge.

LOCATION: Tuesday morning, 10:10, central office.
CHARACTERS: GCs, co-worker Marja, postman, co-worker Hans, MC.

Everyone works quietly, some soft talking. A postman with a light skin tone comes in with a stack of small packages, he greets friendly and takes them to facilities employee Hans, who has his desk next to the warehouse adjacent to the central office. They talk a bit, the packages are checked, and the delivery man leaves again, saying a friendly greeting, some people greeting back, plus some vague mumbling.
The man has only just turned around the corner, and not yet through the door, when co-worker Marja (slightly darker skin tone from many hours of sunbathing) loudly proclaims her opinion:
"I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I don't like those types of people."
The door closes.
Hans asks her why she says that, you don't say something like that, you don't even think something like that, but Marja doesn't care and states it is her opinion.
MC sits next to her, petrified, and slowly disappears into the screen again.

A sidewalk, with grass next to it, a ditch, and then higher up a train track, on which a sprinter is just passing.   A lonely lamppost.

A glass-covered platform, with benches, waste bins, and a large plant in the foreground.   A round sticker on a gray concrete background, with the text Fan Far E in black letters on a white background with an orange border.

LOCATION: Thursday shortly after lunch, central office.
CHARACTERS: Co-worker Marja, GCs, MC.

MC has just come in from her lunch walk, when a few co-workers come in, Marja is giggly and making huffing noises as if she has a problem with something.
MC asks what's going on, and then Marja tells in a semi-conspiratorial tone that the new receptionist had choked on a piece of fruit and couldn't breathe, and Marja had gone with her to the hospital. It turned out to be a panic or hyperventilation attack, and Marja laughed about how the doctor made a face at Marja, as if the receptionist was a poser and Marja happily goes along with this and gives her opinion.

LOCATION: Same day at around 17:00, reception.
CHARACTERS: Receptionist, MC.

MC is on her way out and asks the receptionist if she is okay. She reacts as if stung by a wasp and says:
"Djeesus, does everyone knows about it now?"
MC, in turn, is shocked and says that it's not so bad after all, that people know, and that the most important thing is how she is doing now. The receptionist seems somewhat reassured and says that things are going a little better, but that she was very shocked. MC indicates that she can imagine that well, and that it can be very nasty. Then they greet each other, and MC goes out through the revolving door. The receptionist is left with a somewhat disturbed look.

A view of an underground track, photographed from a subway; the subway window has a tag sprayed with gray paint, and the window has raindrops.   A detail of a roadside, with flowering grasses in red plumes and white flower screens. Behind it a green-covered ditch, and the verge behind it with high grass.

A tall pile of wood chips, surrounded by fences, and a truck next to it in the background. Behind it trees in full regalia.   Detail of the head of a windmill against a gray sky.

LOCATION: Just another day like all others, somewhere in the morning, central office.
CHARACTERS: MC, Mark the Manager, GCs.

MC is standing at the multicopier, which is located in the middle of the central office. Then Mark the Manager steps into the room, and MC immediately takes advantage of his slight fear that everyone senses. She introduces herself politely, with a subtle 'We haven't been introduced yet, I believe' and the entire garden listens in and she knows that all too well, and so does the Manager. She indicates that something is not working properly with the printer, and he agrees to have something done about it.

A large red container with a wooden frame on top, and a hole in the middle, above which is a green roof, in the middle of an overgrown lawn, with parts of a building in the background.   Seen from the train, with interior lights on that reflect on the window, buildings and rails and water.

A lawn with some yellow flowers, in the background a sports field surrounded by trees and a ditch next to it.   A flat dead toad on a path.

LOCATION: Tuesday morning, 9:30, an oversized seat at the meeting area.
CHARACTERS: MC and Mark the Manager.

Two oversized, red upholstered chairs are close to each other. You can just sit there without touching your opponent's knees, but in this case that means that the Manager has taken a relaxed and spacious seat, and MC is sitting cramped with her legs tightly together and against the chair.
The Manager makes an argument about how he has consulted with the HR employee and that they have decided that MC can do other work.

The bottom part of a column covered with light blue, red and black tiles in a kind of squared pattern, on a background of gray tiles and clinker.   The bottom part of a smoke pole perhaps? it is an iron construction with a pipe in different parts, it looks a bit rickety.

Under a train viaduct, at the end of a platform with emergency stairs to two floors. The sky is blue with exaggerated pink.   An animal, probably a bird, killed by a car on an asphalt road.

LOCATION: Another day at the office, 15:30, HR manager's office, where MC now has to work.

It is a fairly small office space, there are some binders on the windowsill. MC is working on a laptop, next to her on the desk there are a number of file folders, one of them is open and there are several stacks of documents next to it. In the image we see what MC reads alternately on the screen or in the documents. These are large amounts, 25, 50, once even 250k, which are paid out as bonuses to those who have acquired new customers. There is also a document about a staff outing somewhere in the mountains. They had been drinking a lot, a conflict arose (unfortunately not mentioned) and one of the employees then kicked in the door of a hotel room.
Also on the screen is a message via the intranet, reporting a new outing, MC's face speaks volumes.

View of a flower garden with lots of greenery and white and yellow flowers, there is a woman sitting on a bench, behind it we see buses, and in the foreground, a detail of some fries with mayonaise in a cardboard container.   The interior of a metro car, with benches on either side. There is nobody.

Some roofs and contours of buildings against a sunrise or dawn with various cloud formations, in the middle a brightly lit cloud.   A piece of rubbish in a lawn with yellow chamomile flowers.

LOCATION: A thursday, 8:30, central office.
CHARACTERS: MC, co-worker Monique.

MC enters the room, no one is there yet. She settles in and gets to work straight away. She picks up a stack of documents that she has to digitize and walks with them to the multicopier that she had to use, which was in the coffee room. She presses some buttons, but nothing happens. Then it turns out that something else is wrong. She tests it, it doesn't seem to work. MC walks back to the central office and tries again at the central office printer. But what name does it have? She plods on. Twenty minutes later, another co-worker arrives, so MC asks what's going on.
"Nothing, why?"
"Well, it seems like things have changed with the printers, and which one should I use now, which one is the one that works well for what I need to do?"
"O that is this one."
"Okay, but why no one told me?"
"I'm telling you now, right?"
MC:... (with the face of someone heaving a deep, deep sigh inwardly).

A number of people who seem to cross each other's path, on their way to or from the station. A yellow-blue NS train is visible on a higher track.   Airplane photographed from a train under a layer of clouds, which appears to fly into an illuminated circle. The circle is the train lighting reflected on the window.

An immense cloudy sky above a lake, with further away buildings and trees, seen in some vague reflection photographed from a train or metro.   The logo of a sports club on a pole, in front of a sports field, with a windmill in the background, and a tree in the foreground that casts a large shadow over the roadside.

LOCATION: Wednesday afternoon, 15:30, HR office.
CHARACTERS:MC, co-worker Monique.

MC is working quietly, alone in the HR office. She hums a little song.
Then a stressed Monique barges in.
"Hiiii! Have you perhaps seen that folder 7C somewhere, from the orders? We can't find it anywhere and we thought..."
MC:"No, I haven't seen that. Maybe someone above knows?"
Monique:"Oh no, well, we'll keep looking."

Detail of reeds and grasses in bloom, with red ears and soft lilac flowers.   A carton of yogurt in a lawn.

A dark-colored rabbit in a grass field.   A parking lot with many cars, a sign to the right refers to Hockey Westerpark.

LOCATION: Thursday afternoon, 16:00, central office.

MC goes from the HR office where she now works to the central office to scan another stack of documents. As she approaches, we hear the GCs speaking softly:
"Yes, I understand that she doesn't understand it, it's complete chaos."
As soon as MC comes into view, a few GCs look guilty, shut up, and all go back to work. Nobody says anything.
MC: "Is something the matter?" but no one says a thing.
After looking around a co-worker says there is nothing, and everything is going fine.

A part with flowering verges with yellow, brown spikes and white flower umbels.   A blue-green circle with a white circle in the middle painted on the asphalt, right next to the roadside.

Large boulders captured in a cage construction in which part of a bicycle shed is visible through an empty section.   Silhouettes of office buildings, a few cars are still visible, against a large cloudy sky.

LOCATION: Ond monday morning, the intranet.
CHARACTERS: Everyone and no one.

An hour after arrival, a message from someone from HR appears on the intranet. Last Friday night seems to have gotten a bit out of hand. In the canteen there are many empty drinks bottles here and there, full ashtrays, broken glass, and.... there is an access pass, as evidenced by the photo that is thrown in everyone's face. Whether the owner would like to come pick up the pass and also explain why it has not been cleaned up.
Laughter, chatter and whispering in every nook and cranny.

A red-brown corten steel work of art on a lawn next to a cycle path. It appears to be a number of circular shapes that run together, approximately 3 x 3 meters in size. Behind it, a parking lot with cars is visible, and a kind of blue-and-white sports hut with flags. And trees and grass.   A very small object that looks like a snail shell, it is light green and yellow, and it is on the sidewalk.

A green lamppost with two lamps at different levels, with a few trees behind it that fill the entire image, and the sun shines through the branches.   Part of the gray paving stone sidewalk, the darker gray curb with a shard of crockery in white with blue stripes and a small piece of red, and next to it part of the red cycle path.

LOCATION: Friday afternoon, 12:40, central office.
CHARACTERS: MC, a co-worker from upstairs, let's call him Maurice.

MC is quietly working at her laptop, there is no one else because they all went out to lunch.
Maurice enters from the stairwell, and walks straight to the order files closet. MC greets him, he got scared but then also greets. Then he takes one orders folder and returns upstairs.

View from a Knorporix window, showing a ditch with some grass and reeds on this side, and on the other side of the water a beautiful tree on a super green lawn, with other trees on either side, and behind it something that looks like a parking lot, and lampposts . The sky is gray cloudy.   A black bird (crow, jackdaw?) on a mowed dry green lawn.

A cycle path with a sidewalk, with trees and bushes and grass and a ditch all around.   The same path, a man cycles past towards the horizon, who is at the same time passed by a red Cata, the rear half of which is still visible.

LOCATION: Monday morning, 11:00, the consulting room of a company doctor at a random house in Invitrovillage.
CHARACTERS: MC, the company doctor.

MC talks about her problems in the company, and that the resulting stress and nervousness causes her to develop physical complaints, which she describes clearly. The company doctor is very understanding and indicates that this is very logical, and that if no change is made, it could possibly have even more serious physical consequences. He proposes to talk to the company to see if the last few months of the contract can be stopped, or if MC can stay home sick for those months.

Something that looks a bit like an inflated, but irregularly shaped, white egg, and is probably an extinguished balloon, on the verge next to a gravel path.   Two swans, just visible in a somewhat hidden ditch among the green reeds.

Two large blue silos that say: <i>THE</i> SEED FOR ARTIFICIAL GRASS.   A dark electrical box with a poster on one side that reads: AFTER? KOMMUNE X RUIGOORD and the line-up; On top of the cupboard lies an unpeeled potato with a bit of a butt shape.

LOCATION: A tuesday morning, HR office.
CHARACTERS: MC and co-worker Serpentina.

After a few weeks of illness, and a company doctor who had promised to do his best for her, MC is summoned to HR. A co-worker who is always in the central office takes over from HR for unclear reasons. A letter is given to MC, stating that she can no longer do her work, and which also clearly states that the company doctor advises to terminate the contract due to illness. MC has to sign it, so he does so.

- scene transition! -

LOCATION: A few days later, at MC's home.

MC receives mail from Knorporix. The letter appears to be an adapted version of the above. Suddenly it is stated that the company doctor had also indicated another option, and that Knorporix decides to follow that advice, namely: MC should simply return to work, and if she does not do so, her wages will be withheld.

Another red cycle path with a sidewalk, lampposts and trees next to it, the sky is gray cloudy, the photographer carries an umbrella that is visible at the top of the picture, with the binding flap dangling there.   Image taken from the train, the long lit lamps reflected in the window, the window is wet from the rain, trees outside are blurred by the speed.

The roof of a station hall photographed from the inside through a window of the metro or train.   A fallen white-brown mushroom in a grass verge.

LOCATION: At the house of MC.
CHARACTERS: MC, voices of people on phones

MC engaged in many phone conversations. Everyone washes their hands in innocence.
MC checks her bank accounts and comes to the conclusion that she can just survive another 3 months, without pay, until her contract ends.

Beautiful pink flowers with yellow centers, and some other pinkish purples in a part of a field, with many long ears and other greenery in the background.   A station with intersecting platforms and passageways on different levels, and a fairly prominent lamp post slightly off-center. Offices on either side.

A barren brown-green lawn between two office buildings. At the left building there are stairs and two lit lampposts. in the background are bushes and trees. It is gray cloudy.   A woman photographed from the side, she is standing on an otherwise empty platform, surrounded by blue-gray columns, illuminated by round recessed spotlights in the ceiling.

LOCATION: Tuesday, 17:15, train station.
CHARACTERS: MC, unknown person.
MC is waiting for a train, she's exhausted.
She looks around her, the train is late and she makes some photos with her phone.
Then she sees herself standing there.
Someone with the same build, same type of clothes, bag, hair... it's like looking in a mirror, except that the person in question is turned a quarter turn, which is not possible in a mirror.
A little later the train arrives, they both get on and disappear.
The train leaves, the station is quiet and empty again. END. CREDITS.

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