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Main movie afterdish  [nederlands]

Wish i'd told you my latest wild dreams. But i've already forgotten them. I remember a small part of one: i was sitting at a table, in a rather bare, dim room. Alone? That i woke up with a very intense gloomy feeling, but so special at the same time that i didn't want it to go away; i wanted to know what that feeling was, where it came from, why i felt that way. I even fell asleep again, dreamt about the same thing i think, and woke up with that feeling again. But then i thought it was enough. Sleep was only possible until five o'clock in the morning, and it was undoubtedly already after twelve.

I know i dreamt something else as well, but i have largely forgotten what it was about. Another thing about bands and festivals and people i lose at stations and in hotels with strangers, who then turned out to be acquaintances. It must have been something like that. I'm always losing people.

I was kind of drowsy all day. Because i forgot a spoon to eat my breakfast on the train, i had to improvise and ate my muesli with a pass from the Mediamarket. That went quite well. Even though some people, including the conductor, looked at me somewhat strangely. But people tend to do that already throughout Klotestad, and far beyond.

And now i'm eating chips (i already ate the five ounces of vegetables today) and i just read that i'm being gaslighted. I didn't know, that what those motherfuckers are doing had a name AT ALL. Mother Superior suddenly sent me a text message today, containing the illustrious text 'My contakts' (sic).
The movie in my head is growing. Thanks for that.

DateTime: 2017 aug 17, 18:21 CET
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Auteur: Mulder


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