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Mansplainercasserolladeralette  [nederlandish]

It seems to be that time of year again, when men feel they have to peddle their over-confidence, and like true keyboard knights, they want to intoxicate the poor little women with their unsolicited advice and gnawd comments.
That requires an applicable recipe. With the upcoming Covid holidays in prospect, i went looking for a festive, old Dutch dish that, depending on the taste of the mansplainer in question and the ingredients present, can be served as a main course or as a dessert.

Because i don't want to pin you down too much on your knowledge and skills, especially because i know nothing about you, i will give you a loose interpretation of the recipe, which you can use as inspiration for your own recipe. That is why no fixed quantities are stated; after all, one mansplainer is not the same as another.


Take a mansplainer. Grease him well the night before and store him in a cool place until use. For the savory version you can add some fine herbs to the oil; for the sweetness maybe some cinnamon or anise, or add some lemon/lime/orange zest.
Remember: rub it in well, because the mansplainer's skin is usually thick and very little penetrates him.

Turn on the oven early in the morning and start the further preparations immediately.
Chop a large amount of winter penis, and chop some balls of your choice into pieces. Balls are widely available all year round, in any variation.
Chop herbs of your choice.

Now it's time to grab the mansplainer by the horns and push him into the baking dish. It may be a bit slippery, but keep your groceries list in mind and you will succeed.
Then put all the vegetables, balls and herbs in the bowl, so that the mansplainer is slightly covered. If that doesn't work completely, don't worry, because the cream still has to be added.
For the savory version we use sour cream, for the sweet version you can use a mixture of whipped cream and monchou. Cover the vegetables and the mansplainer with this, and spread it well and smoothly, until everything is well covered and at most we hear some unintelligible bubbling from beneath the creamy surface.

For savory it could use a layer of aged cheese.
Get that bite in the oven!
After some time the mansplainer will be cooked in its own juice, but be careful! He is quickly bad-tempered, so turn the bowl from time to time and reduce the heat a little if any part of the body threatens to burn. Or don't.

Once the dish is ready, let it cool outside the oven for about 10 minutes before serving. The sweet variant can be finished with some cocoa powder if desired.
Enjoy your unmeal!

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DatumTijd: 2023 dec 12, 13:18 CET
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