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Moon sick  [nederlands]

As soon as you unscrew the cap, and the blood flows, even where it cannot go, the sea splits, the grain gives way, the days scorch and silence awaits.

You think about that day you wanted to believe everything. Instead, the darkest hour went on for ever. You are delirious. Strange entities visit your dreams. They push, pull, push you forward, backward against the fence into the bushes, you struggle until you wake up tangled in the streets. If you look around you, everything appears to be made of white sheets, you look at your feet, your legs, your whole body … everything is bandaged.
You are a mummy.

Now, think of the mosquito, the lamp, a doorknob, how to move, how to be among the people, the creatures.

A computer controlled stuffed cat just passed by. It’s mouth was rectangular. A man called, and waved at the cat. It did not see him, because… it was looking at you.
Only you.
And you alone.

DateTime: 2021 jan 28, 01:04 CET
Auteur: Mulder


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