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No guarantee  [nederlands]

The mood guarantee has expired.
White water droplets slide down a forgotten lime can, a white brush hastily left upright in the cracked center. What's ticking is the time bomb of my memory. There are some things lurking. This prey will be caught quickly. Even where the sun doesn't shine, people cry, sir. Your support stockings are not to everyone's liking.
Because you know, where mincing is going on, no officers fall, but deaths.

Furthermore, time passes.
Which i despise.
Always remained the same!
You can't leave anything to me either.

On the other hand, everything swirls nicely past me. Warranty certificates, receipts, empty boxes, handkerchiefs, waterlanders, runny noses, itchy beef rags on the shelf.

Brace yourself.
Strange noises.
Drama kings and queens.
Wilhelmus van Nassauwe and i am of German blood. How the little horse skips and already calls out to us: i have always honored the king of Tyrania! So those who are sweet get a baton and those who are naughty get a mega stable.

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