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Questions   [nederlands]

A train journey in 2012. I found the description in an old notebook. Three sheep were huddled together in a large muddy meadow. A little further away, a figure lay with outstretched arms on the hood of a blue Toyota. The light from the headlights revealed the gray pall hanging over the land.
Two spires not far apart, which made me wonder what the difference between catholic and protestant actually was. A few meadows further away, hay bales were tightly packed in green and white agricultural plastic. It could easily have been the arena of a circus, but there was not an elephant in sight. There were many hoodies, hats and mittens though at the stations we passed. It was cold.

Why was that person there? Were they face up or on the hood? Were they dead or alive? In ecstasy or despair? So many questions and i would never get an answer.
Unfortunately, that's the case with many things.

During another train journey, again in the early morning twilight - the train was moving slowly, perhaps a pasture stop was coming - i saw five cars standing on an embankment along an insignificant canal, far apart from each other. A man stood near each car, hands deep in his pockets, staring at a small, uncovered, moored, boat. There were three men standing by one of the cars. They didn't speak. All motionless figures, staring at the same boat.
What was going on with that boat?

Was it for sale? Then they wouldn't be looking at it from such a distance.
There had to be something in that boat.
Was there a dead body in there?
But who were those men, what were they doing there? Were they random passers-by? So much, in the dark, in such a strange place in the middle of nowhere? And then they'd talk to each other, right? Were they detectives then? Surely they don't send 7 of the same ones? And then they would still speak to each other.
My dirty mind quickly thought that there might be a sex scene in the boat. That the men had paid, received a text message telling them where to go, and voilá: there they were, watching whatever was happening in the boat.
Or was there something alien in there?

We were past it in little more than a few moments. And again i was left with all kinds of questions. When i got home i looked up the location and did some googling, but that didn't yield any answers either.
The only wisdom i have gleaned from this and many other unanswered issues since then, is that life raises more questions than it answers. But what good does that do us? Nothing!
We (i) want answers!

DatumTijd: 2023 dec 9, 11:44 CET
Auteur: Mulder

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