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Reinvented Space  [nederlands]

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Version 1.0: photo (digital); 2007.
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Version 1.1.1: animation; 2010 (still).
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Version 1.1.2: collage; 2010.
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Version 1.2: installation @ NP3, Groningen; 2010.
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Version 1.3: sculpture 1; 2011.
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Version 1.4: collage; 2011.
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Version 1.5.1: sculpture 2; 2011.
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Version 1.5.2: animation with sculpture 2, AKA 'As The World Turns'; 2011. (gifje derived from the original animation)
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Version 1.6: sculpture 3; 2011.
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Version 1.7: sculpture 4; 2011.
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Version 1.8.1: sculpture 5; 2022.
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Version 1.8.2: animation with sculpture 5; 2022 (still).


Reinvented Space started somewhere on a sunny day in 2007.
On my way to my then lover, i passed an old iron business with a scrap heap, which was as far as possible out of sight of passers-by, behind walls of concrete slabs. Only, those walls had sagged and crumbled in several places, leaving gaps here and there. And Curious Celsius quickly grabbed her photo camera and took this historic photo.

For years, that (digital) photo remained untouched. I had started making collages again around 2008, and the photo still intrigued me, so i got to work with it. One thing led to another, resulting in all kinds of derivative works based on that one photo.

By working with the same visual material in different forms, the idea that i was actually redefining space came up, over and over again, with every work. Now that may be a bit of an open door, because in fact you do that with every work you make. Even with digital work, although the physical space is another dimension.

In the meantime i also made a lot of other work, of course, and sometimes i thought it fit very well in the same concept. But in the end they didn't make it to this series, because they weren't derived from that one photo. On the one hand, this gives a somewhat distorted picture: as if the series has not been off the shelf for 11 years. That may well apply to the physical works; they are stored in boxes. Version 1.3 has been disassembled into pieces for years now, due to moving movements and poor (little) storage space; there is only one small part of it left.

In 2022 finally another work that was made from the photo, a ring that i used for animations for Radio Klotestad's radio video series. Hence the ugly green plastic wiring on both sides, which was necessary to animate it. In fact, you could characterize that animation as 'Reinvented Space goes to space'.

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