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Herderstasjes  [nederlandish]

I was looking for something for which most ingredients will be at home, which is simple to make, and with which you can make countless variations. It is probably already in many recipe books, and then it is probably called very differently. And you will probably be expected to make the dough yourself. But: i often don't feel like that, or simply don't have the spoons for it.
Then i thought of the square packages and slices of puff pastry, et voilá, good idea: you can stuff anything, sweet or savoury. Umami if you please. I call them Shepherd's bags, because it's so nice and corny, old-fashioned. And because they also resemble those knapsacks that you tie to a stick and hop: on the road with the sheeple!

About the dough: there are many types of puff pastry available, i currently prefer the frozen Whole Wheat variant from Jumbo, this one is without butter, but you can actually choose anything you want. You can also make it yourself.
The size or shape doesn't matter either: round, flubby, elongated or square, as long as you can craft a kind of package from it, it's suitable.

The filling: as said: you can put whatever you want in it. I used to make them with a kind of vegetable and potato mash with curry paste, very tasty. At the moment i make them quite often, as a relatively healthy snack, because of the fresh fruit filling and the nuts. There is also no need to add sugar: the fruit is sweet enough. Sometimes i do eat it a bit sweeter, for dessert: then i put the fruity bag on some soy vanilla VLA and some powdered sugar. If you are in a festive mood, or have another reason to garnish, put a nice fruit on it, or a nut or 2, 3, or both. Or some apple grater, or i don't know, make it up and everything will be fine!

This recipe is for a sweet variant, for 4 pieces.

Variant 1: apple, raisins, walnuts.
4 slices of puff pastry of your choice (if it is frozen: take it out of the freezer an hour in advance!)
1 apple
raisins at will, if you don't forget you can let them soak for about 10 minutes in just boiled water
walnuts at will, chopped or broken
cinnamon if you want
baking utensils: baking tray and baking paper (think of the environment: the Toppits anti-slip seems to be completely PFAS free and biodegradable.)
and don't forget the kitchen timer, oven mitts and cooling accessory.

Variant 1: banana, candied dates, pecans.
For 4 bags: 2 bananas (sliced), 4 dates (sliced) and nuts as many or little as you please.

How to:
Preheat the oven to about 200 degrees.
Place the thawed slices on a clean counter.
Grate the apple coarsely, and mix it with raisins (amount to your own liking) and the chopped walnuts, and possibly the cinnamon.
Divide this mixture over the four pieces.
To make the bag, first gather 2 opposite points, and then add the other points. Just press them together for a bit. Then press the edges of the flaps together slightly. If it comes off again, no problem, that makes it pleasant to the eye, you can see some of the tasty filling.
Place the 4 bags on the baking paper on the plate, and crush them very lightly from above, so that no high points of dough stick out.
Bake them for about 30 minutes. But beware: every oven is different, and depending on the filling, it sometimes gets wetter or drier, which can also make the time different.
Tip: Check in every 10 minutes to see how things are going. Depending on that, you can set the temperature a little higher or lower.
When they are ready (they don't have to be very brown, golden here and there is fine), place them on a cooling rack, after about 10 minutes you can eat them without burning your mouth!

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