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Silly Walks (3): a walkytalky through a too pictoresqueluley town.  nederlands

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On the wall, behind the fleeing anarchist, is a text by Erasmus:"We are travellers in this world, not residents."
I walked this walk in 2016, and i can't remember i noticed the text back then, or i just forgot. It is a special coincidence, that i chose this walk from several as first, and right away got this hint to my search for a home. I learnt from some googling, that these lines are also very much liked by world travellers i don't really feel connected to. Perhaps that's the reason i forgot.

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DatumTijd: 2023 oct 3, 16:19 CET
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 Characters: Erasmus
 Film: Hannah Celsius
 Photography: Hannah Celsius (photographer)
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