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Silly Walks (4): Round.  nederlands
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[1/26] 08u59

I kicked my ass outside, because despite having lots to do, i was bored in lonely desolation, and thought it would be better to do it outside somehow. And because i was wondering all kinds of things about the vaccination location that was yet to be visited, i walked there. A gray day, good walking weather.
[2/26] 09u03

When looking for a home you can be disappointed. This resident had also discovered this and decided to choose outside as their home. Was this a matter of a lot of privilege, or just plain sleepiness? I didn't dare ring the doorbell to ask.

Even more homeliness outside. I suggest that from now on everyone put a table lamp outside, or tie a hanging lamp to the facade, whatever: every attempt to make the outside into a home should be appreciated with free solar energy.

Always on point.

Someone felt watched and disturbed in their personal activities. Wouldn't it be better to do that in the bushes? But then it becomes difficult for the owner to pick the poop. God it's all so complicated.

Tunnel area here. And they all look the same, so i've gotten lost here many times. But that's who i am anyway, they say, so this is an excellent method to camouflage that shameful flaw in my life. And then blame Google.

Lots of trees here, a natural barrier between the highways and flat life.

More of the same.

And still.

A path that i don't know whether it will lead me to the highway, so i have never entered it. Adventure is around every corner, but of course you have to do something with it. Not today.

Then the safe, well-known route. An avenue of meaningless high-rise buildings, which they have tried to make exciting through a variety of architectural styles. Maybe it's better than all the same flats, i don't know. It can also have its charms, if everything is the same.

Close to the shopping center now, which always seems quite dreary. Like any shopping center.

The tree intrigues me. Too bad about those lampposts, they really get in the way here.

One shabby underpass.

Luckily we still have the roundabout! A true floral paradise, it's a bit strange that it seems to be entirely in honor of KFC. And it looks like my balance system is in a crooked mood again today.

Closer to the Tree.

So close that i have to photograph it in two parts (or actually more). But what a beautiful tree trunk! According to the tree maps it is a field maple, planted in 1985. Quite a thick trunk for that age. And the same age as my child.

Here without a lamppost in front of it, in almost full glory.

While i'm at it, one more time. They deserve to be admired properly.

Tunnel left or right?

I had to do something floral before it becomes winter and bare and colorless again.

The old city name has become a rebel name. Apparently fines are handed out if you still use the old names. Now you will get a fine for graffiti anyway, but it could be even higher. District 4 isn't that good either. "Long live District 4!" sounds like an Iron Curtain rod.

Jesus. God. And coffee.
May we all say our prayers.

What's going wrong here? Is something going wrong here? Will something go wrong here? And who did it wrong? Measurer 1 or 2?

The time has hardly passed, and yet i am already close to home. Due to renovation work on a residential block, i have to go through the park for a while, and sneak through a small path that i wanted to capture, but there was an oncoming pedestrian and then i forgot.

And then this. The number of lost shoes has increased alarmingly in the past year. Can some research be done into this, EenVandaag?

"Wherever i lay my hat, that's ..."
Yep, we know. My home. What started with an upside-down doormat seems to have degenerated into a craze to make me feel at home for God's sake, here, in this city, this country, where every square meter is fully planned. Only: it's not my hat. I wasn't sure if i should take it with me. I don't think i have a hat head. But maybe this one would have suited me well? We'll never know, probably. And i continue searching.

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