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Silly Walks (5): By the Sea.  nederlands
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A dark silhouette of a tree, against a dark, brown background of sky with faded lights here and there.
[1/21] 06u22

It's hard to stay afloat in the darkness. And if you fall, it is difficult to get up again. This is also the case this early morning. The almost endless rain had just stopped. I had to wait for the ferryman, who barely arrived on time.
A soft blue sky with darker blue-gray clouds here and there, with the first quarter of the moon visible in the middle, and when you know it is there, a very soft speck of Venus.
[2/21] 07u31

Seeing this sky, the space... here i was very happy to have gotten out of bed so early. It is almost invisible in the photo, but it appears that the very faint dot slightly diagonally to the left under the moon is Venus. Does that mean anything? And for whom?
A large dark brown shell and a small bright blue-brown one next to it in the sand. The colors are heavily exaggerated.
[3/21] 07u41

Don't lose yourself in looking at the big things; be sure to look down to see where the little ones are.
A blue jellyfish in the soft brown-gray sand.
[4/21] 07u57

An eye in the sand looked at things from a different angle.
A wide view over the still somewhat dark beach, with the row of dunes on the left and beautiful shades of the sunrise above, with a piece of sea visible on the right with a dark cloud field above it with some lighter clouds in it.
[5/21] 07u58

Pastel-like, the morning separated the gray bank of clouds from the sunrise event. There was hardly anyone on the beach yet, just a runner and we greeted each other, and some dog walkers in the distance. I had chosen my route carefully based on the wind, so that i now had a strong southwest 4 in my back. It's so nice here. Vague memories of other beach walking moments swirled by. Birds that fly against the wind and seem to hang almost still, the squawking of the seagulls, a few brave crows that unfortunately always fly up again when i approach. One species of grebe dribbled next to me, but was distracted by something in the water. And i was distracted by something on the other side.
A gif of a cloud of starlings moving along the row of dunes, but everything turned upside down.
[6/21] 08u00

A flock of starlings followed the line of dunes. The beauty of it all here dazzled me. I would like to live on an island.
(Everyone in unison now:"We would all like that!")
(Me: "So what?")
View over the beach and the row of dunes with the beautiful sunrise sky in blue with all kinds of soft tinted clouds. Part of the beach with the sea has been copied and made into a collage with the original image, so that it appears as if the horizon is tilting. And everything is still upside down.
[7/21] 08u02

Everything tilts here: the gray water to the softly colored clouds in mirror image and the shells of marine animals that have become a thing of the past. Not entirely surprising that i could no longer keep my camera straight. What was horizon?
A cobblestone path that leads up to the dune, with marram grass protected by wooden fences on the sides. Everything is still upside down, so underneath is the beautiful blue sky with white and grayish cloud wisps.
[8/21] 08u09

When everything is turned upside down, you start to see things more clearly.
A large, partially covered parking lot, surrounded by low dunes. There is one car nearby, and another in the distance.
[9/21] 08u21

Of course the beach came to an end, even if i wanted to keep walking. I also had to take the return journey into account, and for that i had to walk at least an hour to the nearest station. I found this parking lot intriguing, especially those two cars. Was anyone there? I thought it would be rude to look really hard, and when i finally did look, there didn't seem to be anyone there. Maybe they hid quickly? And those roofs, could those be solar panels? Who then supply the payment terminals with electricity?
When i got to the end, there was no way out. Yes, a big gate that was locked. Fortunately, many people had already become stranded before me, and a steep path had been carved into the small dune that serves as a fence. There was even a post to hold on to in case you slip in wet weather conditions. I was glad i didn't have to walk back.
Upside down photo of a detail of overgrown dunes, with soft gray clouds at the bottom.
[10/21] 08u32

Then the dunes. The first cautious rays of sunlight of the day gave everything a soft glow. Because of my fear of the game grazers (...) i had chosen the walking path next to the motorway, the hare path so to speak. There was quite a bit in between, with a cycle path and wide, overgrown verges, but you hear those things everywhere. Every now and then there was no traffic, and then i noticed the mutedness of the dunes. It always sounds a bit like when there is snow there. I assume because the area is covered in a huge amount of vegetation.
Dark silhouette of overgrown dunes, with a walking path vaguely visible in the middle, with the silhouette of a tree next to it that clearly stands out above the rest. In the background a beautiful sunrise sky, with blue and all kinds of shades of clouds, and the sun brightly visible just above the horizon.
[11/21] 08u33

Sometimes the road was out of sight, and with my eyes squinted and ears closed, it seemed for a moment as if i were in a vast nature reserve. Oh wait... of course i was, even if it was next to the main road that runs through it. Next time i really have to try to get over my fear of those animals. It may not even be that i'm afraid of them, but that i'm afraid that they will misunderstand me, as just about everyone misunderstands me, which always causes strange situations. I sometimes have that problem with unknown dogs, who start barking ferociously from afar as soon as they notice me. The other day i hadn't even seen them, at first, a woman with her dog, i only saw them when the dog was already wild. She had to restrain him, he became so angry. Urgh. And then imagine, with that knowledge, if a group of erratic bison misinterpret my presence... that can't go well, can it?
An upper part of some dunes with vegetation in soft autumn colors, with a soft-colored sky with pastel clouds.
[12/21] 08u36

A thick plant stem that is curved to the right at the top, between other dune vegetation, with a small lake and low dunes in the background, everything in soft autumn colors, with a cloudy sky in all kinds of pastel shades.
[13/21] 08u46

A stake of something or other.
A reflective collage of a silhouette of a truncated tree, with blue sky and clouds in the background. An airplane track also runs around it, mirrored on four sides. It sort of looks like an insect.
[14/21] 08u59

A bridge with a white wavy edge that connects the dunes shared by the road, in silhouette against the sunrise with many types of clouds and the sun.
[15/21] 09u02

This could well be a nature bridge that allows the animals to go from A to the other side B without being run over, provided they are smart enough to actually take that bridge and not choose a different route.
The bridge seen from the other side, only the upper part with a piece of the white edge, with a blue sky strewn with all kinds of clouds, in which a very small plane is visible above the bridge. Low barbed wire fencing with posts is visible on the bridge.
[16/21] 09u05

Traffic below, and traffic above. How dizzy would animals get?
A green sign with the text as mentioned below.
[17/21] 09u06

[text on the board: "Did you know: it takes a sandwalk beetle its entire life to cross the nature bridge?"]
An explanation board explained this to me shortly afterwards, and i fell into a huge melancholy hole of autumnalism. The meaninglessness of life, the struggles, always those annoying fucking struggles, why? The image of such a little beetle over that enormous bridge, a lifetime of struggle... Or was he just very easily distracted, and that is why it took so long?
Questions, questions, and not a ranger anywhere in sight!
Silhouette of vegetation and fencing, against a blue sky strewn with clouds of all types and colors.
[18/21] 09u07

I looked for distraction in the clouds, the sunrise, the vegetation... but nothing made my autumn feelings of life disappear.
The path continues forward and disappears into the distance, surrounded by roadsides with many small, deciduous trees, with a cycle path visible next to it.
[19/21] 09u08

I mean: look... an almost endless path that lay ahead of me, but in the end it will turn out to be just one bridge. One bridge to go, folks. Damn it. Will i ever get rid of that poor little bug's struggles image?
Brown oak leaves, some acorns and acorn caps and a bright red acorn-shaped fruit on the paved path, plus some wisps of green grass.
[20/21] 09u09

And then those jerkorns everywhere! Here in the photo there were really a lot fewer than in my life, i can assure you.
A water tower with battlements partly visible behind many tall trees, and a lamppost in the foreground.
[21/21] 09u25

The water tower appeared to me in a passing glimpse, but i could not find the entrance to the grounds, and i was too tired and autumnal to bother. Seemingly hidden for next time.

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