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Silly Walks (6): With out books.  nederlands
If you walk very slowly, somewhere where you cannot be knocked off your feet at any moment, it is possible: reading while walking. Maybe i should go to the forest (park), it should be possible there.
I just thought of this because i'm looking at the bookcase, where i recently organized one entire shelf with the books that i haven't (completely) finished yet. They don't even all fit on there, there are still a few thick novels on the next shelf, that i fished out of a mini library months ago.
I would rather spend my evenings reading, instead of binge-watching serials to distract myself from the pains of life. I used to read quite a lot, but in recent years it has become a mess. I used to be able to spend hours in a book, but now i read bits of text on paper, alternating with digital reading material. That's why i wondered how to get the reading appetite back to the bookcase. Would the combination of walking and reading be a good one? Slow walking, with book.

This morning while walking i took a look in a mini library, even though i shouldn't, and i found a 'chronicle of an inner development' there, with the title 'The Gardens of Wisdom'.(1) Wisdom i guess you can never have enough of it, so i dragged it into my book cave anyway. As i placed it on my bookcase, i remember the comment of one of the district managers when he came on an introductory visit with an assistant. When i guided them through the moving boxes into the living room, he exclaimed: “Gosh, books… we don't see that often here!” and i stammered a bit because i didn't really know how to respond to something that sounded like a compliment, but at the same time marked me as an outsider.

By the way, i really like the mini libraries. Sometimes i take something out, and sometimes i put something in. In the Free Drawings Era i sometimes also put them in cupboards. There are also other types of exchange cabinets in public. Somewhere in a further part of the neighborhood there is a cupboard for food (which has a longer shelf life without refrigeration), and i sometimes put something in there. I would like to have those cabinets next to my house, but is that appreciated? Won't it lead to all kinds of stressful situations again?

In the introduction to the chronicle i read that there are five obstacles that contribute significantly to all kinds of stress situations during inner development: sensory desire or lust; all forms of anger; mental laziness and sluggishness of mind; worry and restlessness, and skeptical doubt or indecision.
Wtf, am i being described here? And what does that do to my inner development? Help!
I read a little further, and the desire to read any further escapes me. Of course i can't know until i actually read it, and yes, bias bias, but i have a feeling this will be yet another dogmatic description of what life is supposed to be like.

Another book i've been trying to read was recently recommended by someone on Mastodon, and it was actually available to borrow from my library – that doesn't happen often, so i hurried to get it onto the Unread shelf. The first 42 pages of 'Crucial conversations. Tools for talking when stakes are high.' (2) i have read, and that is probably far too early to pass judgment on a book that has been a long time in the making. Sorry!
As i often have with self-help books, i have the feeling that an ideal situation is always assumed. This book seems to assume that everyone is always up for a good conversation. I don't know about you, but in my experience almost no one wants to talk to me. And especially in situations 'where a lot is at stake'. But maybe i should read on for a while first, i still have 2 weeks.

About ten minutes after i left the mini library this morning, it started to rain. It started softly but steadily, soon i had to put on my umbrella to avoid getting completely soaked.
At a point where i could have chosen to get home faster, i decided to follow the usual, longer route. I was worried about my laziness and indecisiveness, thinking about all those unread books, and now i wanted to finish something, even if it was just a silly walk.
I came home quite soaked but nonetheless de-stressed.

(1) De tuinen van wijsheid. Kroniek van een innerlijke ontwikkeling. Kheminda Merkus, 1998 (i cannot find an English translation)
(2) Crucial conversations. Tools for talking when stakes are high. Joseph Grenny et al., 2022

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