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Silly Walks (7): At the dune.  nederlands
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A revolutionary start to an otherwise quite peaceful walk.

The silence was deafening again.

The trees stood still, but every few steps i took i heard a faint rustling and when i quickly looked behind me i could just see a few branches springing back into motionlessness.

To what tangle of complexity does this path lead?

There didn't seem to be anyone there at all. Until i heard voices in the distance in a way that you only hear in the dunes. It has a kind of thin dryness, without reverberation, without noise.

While i was taking a rest, something fell on my head and i immediately thought it was a tick and stood there shaking my hair out in panicked disgust for about 4 minutes. How i hated those animals when they sometimes settled on my cats. Just plain raunchy, i really didn't want to bring that on myself. Ugh...hurray for nature!

Every now and then a train passed by and a child waved at me. Or to a tree behind me, of course.

But even there they all remained motionless. It looked like someone was holding their breath. But why, and for how long?

Into the wild.

What a shame about all the fences and wires and situations.

What would it be like here at night?

Maybe i should go on horseback.

Are rabbits hibernating?

At least not humanity.

The planes sounded like in the Highlands, so high and yet thin and light and wonderfully far away.

How could this already be blossoming? It's still freezing!
What riddles!

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