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Slumber Dance  [nederlands]
That time I was in a cafe, the space expanded as the evening went on and my kitchen was next to it, everyone could walk right through and the sand from one wooden floor to the next and where the cats ate kibble was everywhere and I held you because I only wanted you close and you were close but everything else was there too, and you cried and got angry and yet I held you and kissed you softly as you turned more and more into a frustrated hooligan but I kept on loving you and i held you tight and close cause i only wanted you close and you were close and you looked like all your predecessors - there are quite a few, do you want a list i give you a list - and you told me all your fears and worries and frustrations mounted, you looked like me. Were you me? Did I become you?

In the back room was the office of the social worker who became a job coach and then intercedently went through the administration of the suddenly established employment agency and the joke that is but that you were crying so desperately by now and I just kept holding you - I don't want to lose you, never again!

And then that man, rather antisocial type because he screamed and fooled around with his pitbull which made a huge mess and everyone was a bit scared because yes, a pitbull after all and I ate a cake but the pitbull jumped over my chair and swallowed it in one bite he stood on the table, panting from playing and looking for more prey. Quickly I grabbed the tiger striped kitten who almost ran away to bring it to safety - Takeshi I call you in my head but you are not her and I miss again what was there and where it was and.

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DateTime: 2022 dec 08, 12:04 CET
Auteur: Mulder

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 Characters: Takeshi 
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