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Soursinger  [nederlands]

Still life with rummer, flute, earthen jar and pipes, Jan Jansz. van de Velde (III), 1651 (source: Rijksstudio)

The many strange antics in my life are probably not countless, nor forgotten, but often they have been relegated to somewhere far in my (and hopefully other people's) memory, by more pressing issues and other practices with or without everyday discomfort. Then, very occasionally, through an unruly word, a gesture, or a piece of fruit that just passed the scent of the person's attention, and today that was a moldy lemon. I now have no idea why I suddenly thought of that, but my brain then completely automatically brought me to a long ago unpleasantness, which I now find very funny and therefore do not want to withhold from you.

A TW / CW is in order: sex, bullying, misogyny.

The day was full of surprises, and the evening even more so. I lived in a squat in D4-701, and that evening there was a political action in the neighborhood, in which i took part with quite a few skirmishes and craziness, and then i traveled to D4-401, to a very vague birthday , where i only knew the birthday person, and i, My Punkiness, looked quite out of place. I hardly knew the area, and when i went to the next party with quite a few beers in mind, i quickly got lost. We didn't have any G.maps yet, did we? So when i suddenly came across a wall that i didn't think should have been there, it seemed logical to go over it, instead of having to walk all the way back. I was already late, and somewhere in the back of my mind i knew that i would also have to catch the last train, at some point in time.

Whether the wee wet fart happened there, or later, i have no idea, but somewhere in the evening - so it turned out later - i had had a small accident. Not surprising if you have suffered from very irritable bowels all your life, and drinking beer is not the smartest idea in that case.
The wall did not lead me to the desired place; suddenly i was standing in someone's backyard and i heard a dog, so with the same quickness i was back on the other side. An hour later i finally arrived at the large squat building, where several bands were performing. I didn't know anyone there either, but with a beer in hand you can travel anywhere in the country, and i enjoyed myself that way. Some guy hit on me, which was kinda nice, but i really had to catch the train. The man in question seemed nice to me, he sang in a band i had seen a while before, interesting of course. He told me that the last train was long gone, but i wanted to check anyway.

Half an hour later i was back, he found me again and we drank and laughed, i thought he seemed a bit nervous. He asked me to his house, Iisaid yes, and then there was some fuss, because he had to ask a friend because of the band stuff and all that... i ended up sitting on his lap in the passenger seat in a van, loaded with amplifiers and guitars. We were dropped off somewhere, and a little later we were already in bed.

To be honest, i didn't really feel like it. The beer kicked in, i was exhausted from all the consternation that day. At the same time i felt guilty, because i had gone along anyway and at that time i still thought (at 19) that there was such a thing as: whoever says A, must also say B. In any case, i was convinced of this time and time again by all kinds of gentlemen. [sarcasm] Luckily we now all know that isn't true.[/sarcasm]
Let me call the man Soursinger, that's more handy when writing.
Soursinger wasted no time and got to work straight away. He did ask me my age, because i looked years younger. Subtlety was not his middle name, i found him a bit heavy-handed, clumsy too. At one point he panted in my ear: “Tell me what you like, tell me!” and i thought: "My God Jesus, do i even have to think about that, what the hell..." My foggy brain didn't help. And my memory is failing me a bit. I vaguely remember him expressing that he had some SM-like things in mind, but what? and what did i know about it? No fucking clue of course (you who have read here before, know this by now). Did anything else happen that night? At one point he was very irritated, we slept a bit, and at first light he woke me up rudely. I had to leave quickly, because it was not his house, but that of a friend. He went to take a shower, i decided to skip it, he was quite rude to me.
When I went to grab my panties, i saw the brown dot from afar.
My Great God! A brown dot! Of course, Soursinger had seen that too! With a hangover-like ashamed redness on my cheeks, i quickly got dressed. A moment later he let me out the door, said goodbye and i saw him walk to the van, which was parked further away. I shakily returned home.

Weeks later i was at a party there again, there were bands again and i was alone again. I had a great time. Suddenly i saw Soursinger and his band go on stage, i won't mention the name but it was something with lemons. I took a fairly hidden position, i thought, somewhere in the back. But the gentleman had spotted me anyway, and before i knew it he was singing a song about me. It took a while for it to dawn on me, but suddenly i heard words like 'shit' and 'girl' loud and clear and it was quite hurtfull. He looked rather smug, with the occasional angry look at me. Then i felt terrible, i felt like i was being made a fool of. Although no one seemed to notice it was about me, luckily. I tried to hold on, and drank some more beer, pretending i didn't care.

When I was on my way to the train an hour later, i saw his van parked outside next to the building. Soursinger was in the car and had an argument with a woman. His wife? In the light i saw that he was actually quite old. And that woman too. Immediately i felt a lot lighter. I deliberately walked near the car so he would see me. But i pretended not to see him. As if he were air; a fart, a dirty old sticky fart. Something like that.
In retrospect, of course, it is immeasurably wrong. A man in his 40s who takes a young girl and then acts aggressively because she cannot meet his needs. He should have gone to a sex worker, because what do you expect from a 19-year-old girl? That she is an accomplished and graduated sex pussy, especially for him? Then you must be a pathetic super loser.
Anyway, Celsius gained another anecdote :-D.

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