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Splinter silence  [nederlands]

Somewhere missed the beginning
and unseen
always lower than the grass
your ignorance juices behind longing bottle green
but o so quiet leaves.
Adjust your speed.
Throttle down.
Find suitable tools.
You will need it.

Just lost your head
And with the planer at the ready
A contrary pine
On the well-trodden path

Where the hell
is the knive!
Your voice paves everything.
Don’t delay.
Despair is near.
Silently the splinter glides
Contradictory proportional
backward past time
ahead the big Bang
still buzzes in our fairy tales.

Cherry red.
Snow white.

DateTime: 2012 jan 11, 18:24 CET
Auteur: Mulder

 fairy tales 

 Poetry: Hannah Celsius 

© 2023 hannah celsius