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Starshower soulmove   nederlands
Starshower soulmove wild spirits old men beard all worries stay for tomorrow when it rains when it snows and goose overfly the airports closed shut closed until tomorrow and no one notices no one notices the earth spins faster and faster turns the day to night the sun to moon the starshower soulmove rather here than there, and no one knows and no one notices that the world moves and the world moves with the starshower

and whether you like it or whether you don’t, in your eyes I see another starshower soulmove and why they did and you didn’t you wanted to know but in the universe everyone will have their turn.

DateTime: 2023 apr 13, 14:36 CET
Auteur: Mulder


 Locations: Universe 
 Poetry: Hannah Celsius 

© 2023 hannah celsius