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Steps (11): Don't kick down.  [nederlandsig]

A concrete, semi-open stairway outside a building.

Never kick down, always up.
You may now be thinking, "Well now.... isn't that a bit excessive? Always, always... why, always?" And maybe you were right once, but when was that? I am momentarily lost. Was there ever a time, when kicking upwards was not necessary? Should we spare those high above? If you think so, then it must be nice living on your higher step.

I would love to knock you around with political wisdom, i browse the books i read, transcribe talks by thinkers, read yet another book with even more insights and i read and i read, but meanwhile i get the emails from the institutes i asked for help, and they refer to how they gave their advice here and there, did their job after all ma'am, and here you can read again quietly how and why and we did do our job adequately ma'am, and with a 'cordial greeting' i am pushed down the stairs as a medically vulnerable once again.
In fact, i should refuse to use the term 'medically vulnerable', as it seems to me to be a neoliberal frame by which one puts a fence around our precarious lives, and by which the factually standard vulnerable human being - namely: everyone is vulnerable - is shuffled away under an unwholesome carpet of inaccuracies.

Still, a quote from 'Health Communism' by Beatrice Adler-Bolton and Artie Vierkant (2022):

"Those who are deemed to be surplus are rendered excess by the systems of capitalist production and have been consequently framed as a drain or a burden on society. But the surplus population has become an essential component of capitalist society, with many industries built on the maintenance, supervision, surveillance, policing, data extraction, confinement, study, cure, measurement, treatment, extermination, housing, transportation, and care of the surplus. In this way, those discarded as non-valuable life are maintained as a source of extraction and profit for capital."

(page 5)

And lo and behold, this immediately answers the question, why the neoliberalists, who are so on the money anyway, don't mind that so many sick people actually cost society much more money. We are an added value for getting more money, for all those companies and organisations that depend precisely on our illnesses and misery, and all those people who also prefer to just live their lives, and not make so much fuss and shout: act normal! and who cares because we were on the bottom anyway so whoever falls down from there doesn't have a bit of pain, and so it goes on and on and on and I repeat after repeat after did i repeat myself already? Yes.

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