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Steps (13): Seven Mile Stairs   [nederlands]

A stone staircase seen from the bike path below, with a black bird on one of the steps, and with an ornate lamppost in front of it and with white railings, and behind it an open bike shed and trees and blue sky with white clouds. To the right of the steps, part of a small tunnel is visible, with some graffiti and advertising.

Some stairs have lazy steps: they are just too big to climb at one footstep per step, and just too small for two footsteps. It walks uncomfortably, and every time i wonder who came up with them. Is it some kind of average, so that it just sucks for everyone, or is it only convenient for small and big people, and the great mass of mediocrities just have to adjust. Is it a polder staircase?

This staircase has strangely high steps. It is not really visible in the photo, but especially when going from top to bottom, it is quite strange. If you take one footstep per step, your calf muscles may protest violently. If you take two footsteps per step, you may feel like a toddler being allowed down the stairs for the first time without a hand.

Now of course you are expecting a reference to a precarious situation, where i can talk about big steps, small steps, giant leaps for God knows who or gnome-tripping in some political arena. But I'm tired, and feel aimless, and have little appetite for taking any steps whatsoever, which doesn't help my fatigue, nor my lethargy, and so i spin around in an endless circle of lameness, with a revival here and there, and sometimes an idea of a bright spot, somewhere in some distant place.

We'll just have to make do, today.

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DatumTijd: 2023 july 1, 13:52 CET
Auteur: Mulder


 Photography: Hannah Celsius 
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