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Steps (14): Squat   [nederlands]

An old brick building with many windows, partially overgrown with ivy, and an iron fire stairs leading to the first floor.

Sometimes i can suddenly long for living in a large squat. I've lived in several, and while it wasn't ideal either (there's no such thing as an ideal, especially if you're autistic, female, queer, and multiple chronically ill), i crave it now more than ever. I've been living alone for years, and loneliness has made a cage out of my apartment with the arrival of the corona virus. And with all the useless gossip around me, i long all the more for a place where i am welcome, where there are people who care about me, where we can share things.
And no, since i experienced how community workers care more about their own safety than that of their clients, i can no longer go there either.

A while back in a conversation on M, i already noted that the feelings of loneliness go in a kind of perpetual wave motion: there are days when you have a glimmer of hope, or when you have so many things to distract you that you are actually seem to be doing well, that you seem to have some kind of peace with it. Until suddenly something touches you again, it can be something small, a brief gesture, a hint of a thought of something nice from before, that you suddenly feel so immensely alone that there seems to be no way out. And then everything in between.

Before. Back in time. You shouldn't want that, because everything that was before brought us here.
So go ahead. But how? There really are people who are doing good things, who create change, who take steps. We must support and help them as much as we can. I'll just mention a few here, but the list is of course much, much longer. Support and help and share and do!

Extinction Rebellion

Transnational Institute

And for the Netherlands:

Extinction Rebellion



DatumTijd: 2023 aug 7, 12:22 CET
Auteur: Mulder


 Photography: Hannah Celsius 
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