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Steps (19): Looking for where it light.   [nederlands]

Hannah with a camera in front of her face, while she is photographing upwards, the reflection makes it look as if she is being photographed from above, and a staircase of light appears to be coming from her.

"How can I make this about me?" was recently reproachfully rubbed under my digital nose when i posted a photo of a bunch of fallen trees in a street where i used to live, and i mentioned that it was in the street where i used to live. It seems to me that it would have been stranger had i not mentioned that; after all, it was partly the reason i posted the photo. It was a remarkable photo, indeed: the 4/5? trees had all fallen against the roofs in the same position, and were therefore still standing in a partially uprooted condition. A couple looked worriedly out their bedroom window.

Today's photo is also about me, while i am standing in someone else's work of art. Worse, i don't even know the name of the artist (i just asked on Mastodon, hopefully someone knows; it was a work of art on display in a plaza in NYC in 2014). It's really horrible: this whole fucking website is about me! Ew! Unbearable! Fortunately, you can also just leave. After all, there are billions (?) other websites, you don't have to be here.
At the same time, this website is made to be viewed and read.

The artist had also created this work of art to be walked in. If i remember correctly, the intention was exactly to stand beneath it; the gaze automatically went upwards. And even more automatically, people grab their cameras. So in fact, the idea was to make the artwork about yourself.

How many thousands of people would have taken the same photo?
I searched for this photo with reverse image search, and i expected there to be many, but perhaps the search function has now been so refined that it really only finds exactly the same images, and nothing remotely similar. Searched again, now with Google Lens, and i got all kinds of images of stairs in all shapes and sizes. Maybe i should shop myself out of the picture?

Unfortunately, same results, namely nothing. How is it possible? The artwork almost never seems to have existed. I just looked in maps to see which park it was in NYC, but i had no idea, it seems like nothing resembles what it was anymore. Or what i thought it was. Was it Madison Square? It looks somewhat similar, and works of art are often found there. One more attempt: with 'artist portfolio 2014 Madison Square' i find a link to the events on Madison Square. And... bingo!

As soon as i see the title i remember... I think it's lame, but at the same time it's very logical. There are so many things in the world, how can i remember everything? That is impossible. Could i have better taken notes then? I've probably done that, somewhere :-).
It is 'This land is your land' by Iván Navarro, a site specific installation consisting of three water towers, under which you could stand and in which an experience of immigration was offered with neon lighting. Unfortunately, even when i search now, i still don't find the hordes of selfies i expected. They are there, but you hardly find them.

And that's the way it is with a lot of things in life. It's probably somewhere, but where? Where do we find happiness, 15 million euros, peace, a good conversation, love, a part-time job, recognition from the entire international art world, the best sandwich, your keys, a solution? Where?

DatumTijd: 2023 sep 19, 16:58 CET
LatestEdit: 2023 okt 16, 15:33 CET
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 Characters: Iván Navarro 
 Locations: New York City 
 Photography: Hannah Celsius 
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