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Steps (21): Insurmountable stairs.  [nederlands]

A quite steep porch stairway, next to a front door.

Sometimes stairs are so high that you fear you will never reach the top in one piece. Or at least completely out of breath, with your heart left somewhere during the climb. There are stairwells where you can look up 3 or 4 flights of stairs; the stairs themselves are separated by a small platform, with the entrance to the relevant floor on one side. You're really unlucky if you live all the way up: up that mountain every day, and down again, and up and down again and op ea a=a]fa...

Recently someone came to visit me, and when he opened the door and immediately saw the stairs to my first floor behind it, i saw him examining the stairs: how high is this, and will i still be able to make it? It worked, and when he had to climb another flight of stairs, i noticed that assessment again: my god, one more... how will this go? But that also went well.
Later he told me that he lives on the third floor, with a beautiful view, but 42 steps without an elevator.

I imagine that every time you go up and down a staircase, another step is added. So that after 30 years, 42 steps have become an enormous mass of steps, a steep wall of daily horror, year in, year out. It is not surprising that you have to first assess every other staircase before you go up.

Currently, every step is one too many for me, but i still ascend and descend if necessary. And it's needed quite often, right now.
If you would like to know why and what i am so tired of, you can of course just ask me. No one has ever learned from assumptions and insinuations. On the contrary: how many people have been murdered, for example, because of vague misunderstandings and subsequently regretted miscommunication? I don't know the numbers, but there are undoubtedly many. In fact, aren't all forms of aggression an expression of an inability to communicate? Our present and our history are full of scheming and bickering, usually with not very pleasant results.
That's also quite tiring.

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