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Steps (5): Spiraling.  [nederlands]

A building partly demolish, on the first and upper floors a spiraling staircase is visible.

Life is like walking on a spiral staircase.
Sometimes turning is difficult. You may have some stuff that needs to go up, and the stairs are a bit tight, and you still want to hold on to the banister, and then the top thing slides off your stack. Keep straight! And when you correct, you can't get your left leg right on the next step. The bottom line is that you put things on a step and raise them one by one, step by step. It just takes so much time and the phone rings, it is upstairs and so you can't answer and you will receive another admonition from the service Ultimate Worthless Verbivores later that week.

There are also good days, even with the same body on the same stairs. That you can go up and down noiselessly without any problem, and your excellent shape crowns this jewel of architectural marvel. Even without steps, you could manage to get to your phone or your grandmother's attic in time, without any angry word or deed.

The staircase in the photo spiraled with visible pleasure from the ground floor to the semi-covered roof terrace, and during the ages transcending Friday afternoons, sometimes lame legs or arms stuck through, which were pushed back into shape by colleagues from below and from the side and had to be placed in the correct position in order to regulate or promote all forms of flow. Everyone still remembers the Monday morning, when a torn bra was dangling from the top part of the stairs.

And so there is some tossing and turning. If it is not left nor right, then we just go through the middle. Hajeto!

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DatumTijd: 2023 may 18, 16:22 CET
Auteur: Mulder

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 Photography: Hannah Celsius 
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