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Steps (6): In the dunes.  [nederlands]

A bunker in the dunes, totally overgrown with grass, and one wall partially dug out for a small stairs towards the door downside, and two little windows.Een bunker in de duinen, geheel overgroeid met gras, en 1 muur is gedeeltelijk uitgegraven voor een smalle trap die naar een deur beneden in die bunker leidt, plus twee kleine ramen. Lots of grass also on the right side, which covers the view on the entrance.

"When you leave the work of art and the artificial color, you experience, precisely at a moment when you least expect it, the reality around you more strongly: the veils of color in the grass, the sky, the wind, the silence. There is a constant interplay between art and reality. The experience of one reinforces the experience of the other."

A quote from the website of De Nollen project, a full artwork by R.W. van de Wint (1942-2006) near station Den Helder Zuid. I once joined a tour around the estate in the dunes, enjoyed a lecture about his work, and was immediately sold. I made some photos, although i'd rather had stayed to live there. Which ofcourse isn't possible, because his sons live there and manage the property. It is a longing which i think many artists will have: to own a piece of land which you can make as you please. Somewhere i read that Van de Wint also rather would be a gardener, and one that also does other jobs: one work flows into the next. And that is exactly how i'd like things to be, how everything meanders and explores everything and searches around, that everything exists side by side and jointly shapes life. That's how i started former Groeten uit Klotestad, and so i want Radio Klotestad to become: a continuous stream of everything and more, in which the experience flows from one piece to others, and creates connections with surrounding events.

This way i just found another connection between Van de Wint and the Steps series nr. 5 of yesterday (the spiral stairs): he made a memorial for the airplanes disaster near Tenerife in 1977. It is a thin, transparent tower around a high spiral staircase, with the spiral staircase continuing up above the tower.

Since i was at De Nollen, i have come to appreciate corten steel. On the right of the photo you can just see a piece of a sculpture or structure. Several sculptures there were made of it, i believe. It has such a beautiful rusty color, which matches with tough but also with soft. Do i also have a stairs made of cortensteel in my photo collection?

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DatumTijd: 2023 may 19, 18:57 CET
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