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Steps (8): Cinematic escape routes.  [nederlandish]


We mainly know them from American movies: fire escapes. How many scenes have i seen that took place on or around a fire escape? The last one i saw a few weeks ago, and unfortunately i've watched so many things, i can't remember what movie or series it was, but it had something to do with time travel and a man who got stuck in time and he killed women. All very complicated, but there was a scene in which he and a girlfriend crept into the house of a rich lady via a fire escape, and he stole a few things there.

In 2014 i visited New York, and i took a lot of pictures, and therefore also of these stairs, how could it be otherwise. I can't write much about it today, because the neighbors are doing odd jobs and my head is falling apart. Fortunately, Pippa Biddle has written a nice piece about this much earlier, in The Atlantic of February 2018: 'Fire Escapes Are Evocative, But Mostly Useless'

Some other photos i made back then:

[Mural by Eduardo Kobra in Chelsea, as seen from the Highline.]

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