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Steps (8): Cinematic escape routes.  [nederlandish]

The side of a brick wall with dark iron stairs, and a tree without leafs next to it. The sky is blue with little clouds here and there, and in the back a large building is visible.      A brick wall of a large building, with many windows, it looks old. There are some fire stairs mounted in rusty iron brown colors. There is some black and white graffiti on the walls.

We mainly know them from American movies: fire escapes. How many scenes have i seen that took place on or around a fire escape? The last one i saw a few weeks ago, and unfortunately i've watched so many things, i can't remember what movie or series it was, but it had something to do with time travel and a man who got stuck in time and he killed women. All very complicated, but there was a scene in which he and a girlfriend crept into the house of a rich lady via a fire escape, and he stole a few things there.

In 2014 i visited New York, and i took a lot of pictures, and therefore also of these stairs, how could it be otherwise. I can't write much about it today, because the neighbors are doing odd jobs and my head is falling apart. Fortunately, Pippa Biddle has written a nice piece about this much earlier, in The Atlantic of February 2018: 'Fire Escapes Are Evocative, But Mostly Useless'

Some other photos i made back then:

A brown brick building with many windows, and several black iron fire stairs.

A detail of a brick building with some windows and part of a black fire stairs.

Some buildings in a large NY street with many cars, one is a brick building in reddish brown, with light red fire stairs.

View from the Highline towards several buildings, one with fire stairs, and one with the large mural in many colors. [Mural by Eduardo Kobra in Chelsea, as seen from the Highline.]

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