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The Big Leave  [nederlands]
Shy in love
But nobody stops me
You are everything
I want
Let's go.

Just look outside
I hold you tight
Your hair, your soft cheek
I will not let you go
But if I do
I will take you.

Look at the sky
Think of the water
Everything close
So far in me.

I'll fix this
Together we dissolve
Our blood our iron
Our tears
To dust.

Hold me
Don't think about the others
Think about us,
Us together

Look at the clouds
Where we dream
Think about us

I'm taking you with me now.

This poem was published in Moordballaden (Murder Ballads), poetry based on real murder cases, edited by Bart F.M. Droog, 2017

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DateTime: 2017 aug 1, 14:43 CET
Author: Mulder


 Characters: Bart FM Droog
 Poetry: Hannah Celsius

© 2023 hannah celsius