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The Bomb   [nederlands]

New Year's Eve was coming up, and i wasn't in the mood for it because i lived alone with my baby. But a friend of mine who i knew from back in the day, who strangely happened to live close to me in my new neighborhood, suggested we celebrate together. Cozy, i was happy with his company.
He offered to arrange some fireworks, but i turned it down. I'm not a fan of fireworks - a few years earlier a firecracker had exploded near my ear, and that was not very pleasant. And with a baby in the house it is also rather nonsensical. But he insisted on making something anyway.
Me: "Eh... what do you say, make? Do you make your own fireworks?"
Samio: "Yes, I've been doing that for years."
Me: "Okay, i don't want any fireworks, especially homemade ones in my house."
He swore up and down that it wasn't a problem at all. Even told me how he made it: he collected all the gunpowder from cheap fireworks, did that with a fuse in a ball of aluminum foil, et voilá. I was flabbergasted. Also because of his moaning when i kept refusing it. Suddenly he turned into a sulking child who had been badly wronged.

I held my ground, and the evening turned out to be quite pleasant, but the absent silver Bomb still lingered somewhere between us; the first signs of a changed, and a few years later disappeared, friendship.

DatumTijd: 2023 jan 2, 10:21 CET
Auteur: Mulder

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