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The fly that spoke.  [nederlands]

Did the fly, that was constantly on my screen for days, crawl into my backpack at night, fell asleep there, and only woke up again when i opened my bag on the train. There the little animal sat next to me on the window frame for a long time. I spoke to it, told them to go out into the wide world. That's scary, i'm the first to admit that, but you can't just hang around me forever, can you?

Hours later, when i was snacking in the station concourse of D9-202, they came back to me. "I thought you were gone?" i whispered behind my chocolate bun.
They buzzed a bit, waved at me and flew up towards a woman with a bunch of blonde curls from here to far away. They apparently wanted to make me jealous, and succeeded, but i remained unrelenting. They went into her hair, i saw the blue-black shiny body carefully make its way inside. I wondered if her hair smelled like hair, you know, a nasty human smell. A few months ago i was at a Strøhl concert, a few girls were headbanging around me, and with every head movement of the same blonde curly hair as this lady, i smelled that dirty hair odor, thank you but not really.

The fly has left me. I am now free from god.

DateTime: 2017 aug 17, 18:21 CET
Auteur: Mulder

 hair odor 

 Characters: fly 
 Characters: Strøhl 
 Location: D9-202 
 Stories: The fly that spoke. 

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