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Time  [nederlands]

"1. Time, incorporated"; ink on paper; 42 x 29,7 cm; 2023

'Time' is a new series of drawings, made with archival ink on A3 sized paper. Unfortunately, because of the many thin lines, it is difficult to see it properly here on the website. Ask me to join your exhibition space, i will happily bring it over.
The one depicted here is number 3 in the series, which i started at the fresh and new beginning of this yet to be another fucked up year. A mixture of personal and political issues makes it quite impossible to nót make work with a strong attachment to these personal and political issues. I guess that has always been so for me, althought i might have tried to escape this.
Time. The stubbornly ongoing element based on global agreements. It is always time, somewhere, for something. Time can be reset, but does that change anything? Time can slip around a corner, and you wouldn't even notice one moment of change. "Time is on our side." Yet is it?

Whenever i come to think about time, my mind wanders of to all kinds of songs about time, and beyond. What does time do with me, with us, and what is it? What is time? So i try to get a grip on this elusiveness by drawing it. But how can you draw time? Well, just like this :-)
Imagine time existed throught lines. Then mapping those lines, see how they move, how they interact, respond to eachother, could be useful to get a glimpse of understanding it's behaviour. In this particular drawing i started with a little black hole. Then i started to draw lines around it, as time would expand from it. The borders of the drawing are the borders of time, in this case.

The other two drawings have other limitations: other objects that radiate time, so all that time(s) collide, and then there are several eventualities. Incorporating, eliminating, withdrawal (i like that word), anything is possible. So that's what they are all about: the movement of time.

👁 TIP: 2 of these drawings are on show right now, at the 11th edition of Tekenkabinet, this year in Projectruimte BMB at the Kerkstraat, Amsterdam (until april 30, 2023), and where the very diverse drawings of 111 drawing artists can be seen. If you're not able to make it there: the drawings are also on the website, and can also be bought there eventually. There is also a beautiful catalogue available.

"2. Time, merged"; ink on paper; 42 x 29,7 cm; 2023

"3. Time, expanded (still limited)"; ink on paper; 42 x 29,7 cm; 2023 (sold)

"4. Time, sky rocketed"; ink on paper; 42 x 29,7 cm; 2023 (via Tekenkabinet)

"5. Time, assembled"; ink on paper; 42 x 29,7 cm; 2023

"6. Time, closing in"; ink on paper; 42 x 29,7 cm; 2023

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