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UFO  [nederlands]

What did I see? I was never able to figure it out.
On a Friday evening in November 1996 I went shopping. Because I usually did the groceries for 1 week back then, my bike was more of a pack mule, so I walked home. I went around the back and walked down the fairly wide alley. I looked at the sky, it was quite cold and clear that night, there was no wind. My field of vision, as I later reconstructed, was towards a sports complex with tennis courts and such (the note says velodrome - I don't know if it was there back then), which was quite far but in a straight line from that point from my house . It was half past eight, so there would have been some training going on at that time.

It must therefore have been those strong lamps from that location that briefly lit up parts of an overcoming object. It was as if a huge, floating object came over, with 4 reflective circles at the bottom - which therefore lit up when passing the sports field. It didn't go very fast, that's why it seemed floating. There was also no sound.
Because it was so striking and strange, I looked closely for other things - but i only saw the flashing lights of an airplane, very high in the sky. I didn't hear this plane. The glowing circles of the object didn't blink, they were really clearly lit from below in passing. Since I was quite far away, it must have been quite a large object. So it wasn't anything like a hang glider. The note also has 'stealth' written on it, which was something I thought was the most likely. But it seems to me that I should have heard it. And i don't think a stealth plane has detectable reflectors.
The only thing left is a glider. These are still fairly large in wingspan (some have 20 metres). It would also explain the inaudible. Except that those wings are not that wide, and those four reflectors - from such a great distance - seemed to me a lot bigger than could logically fit on such narrow wings.

I think we didn't have the internet back then, that was probably a few years later. So a quick search was out of the question. I thought it was a bit too much to call the police for this, nothing serious had happened so what was the point?
Later that night I drew it on a piece of note paper and put it somewhere and then lost it. It wasn't until 2005 that I found it again, and then stuck it in my diary.

Years later I sometimes searched internet forums for UFO reports etcetera, but never found anything. It's a complete mystery to me. I have also told friends about it, but they always reacted very strangely. As if they didn't care at all, they took it as some kind of notice, and then moved on to another subject. I've always found that very odd. Like it was something unmentionable. But why? Did they think it was crazy, or scary, or unbelievable? No idea.

I hope someday i will find out what it was. It still keeps me busy, every now and then. And because of this incident i became very interested in UFO's.

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DateTime: 2023 feb 2, 11:16 CET
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