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FLOG july 2023   [niederlandish]

Boring days in boring photos: a photo every hour from the moment i wake up, until somewhere before i go to sleep. And that for a month. If it works. On day 2 i already forgot a few times, so i had to set the alarm again, very annoying but keeping the goal in mind, it should work.
The goal: to show what it's like as a chronically ill person, to have to spend your days completely in solitude. Is that going to work? No idea. Because you don't see many things, with a photo every hour. Actually, a non-chronically ill person with a 'normal' life (as in: someone who just goes back to doing everything he did pre-pandemic) should also do this. And is it still comparable? Should i find someone with almost all circumstances the same, minus the way of life? That's going to get complicated.
And yet, and yet, and yet. Just doing my thing, like you.

NB: From day 8 i quit making 1 photo per hour, strangely enough i still made about 1 photo per hour.. how will i do on day 9?

NB: On day 9 I had enough of my life. What is this life? Stupid shit photos. And I decided to make this as it is: 1 long Groundhogday.

NB: On day 15 i again had enough of my life. What is this life again? Again that stupid shit photos. And i forget again and again. But if i put the againalarm for each hour, i become very annoyed again. Also i am still and again angry at all gossip cunts (m/v/x) of this world, at all ignorants of everything and some more, in fact i find everyone utterly intolerable, to just put it mildly and not to use ableist terms (although i found it suitable for the photos, because photos are stupid per definition).

NB: On day 16 i made littel shepherd's bags again, my for the momentillery fav a*ti comfort food; the recipe can be found via the new Klotestad Recipes Index page.

NB: On day 17 i thought again about what is actually appropriate to show of oneself. I don't like selfies very much, so you won't find them here easily. But for example an unmade bed, or maybe even your just made bed (especially if it's just a somewhat sad single bed). For example, when you show people your new house, there always seems to be some kind of trepidation about the bedroom. And now i'm showing my bed to the whole world! Is that actually really sad, a single bed? #dtv A larger bed does not fit in this little room, and it would just fit in the other, slightly larger room, but i made it into my study studio, because i cannot afford the real thing.

NB: On day 29 i thought it was time to spice it up a bit, and just post all the photos i took outdoors, instead of 1 or 2. It might seem a bit more like if I have some kind of interesting life, like you. Or do you find it interesting anyway, what i do all day? The UWV does, they often ask about this. I can well remember a moment when the man was totally ready to write down my concise description of my activities, and that already at the first point, the awakening, and at what time, and that it depends on many factors such as ... and that after 2 minutes he interrupted me slightly irritable to ask about something, and then i went into detail again and so i have not once been able to describe a whole day. Maybe he's got something out of this shit. Although i also often forget to photograph for hours. It continues to haunt me like holes in my resume: 'What was Celsius doing at that time? Making nefarious plans, engaging in criminal activities, WORKING UNDECLARED?' We'll never know damn what a huge disappointment she is again, as always.

NB: On day 30 i was thinking back to 1 of the 1st days of this month, when someone on M reminded me of the Narrative, a little square camera that you put on your jacket or bag or?, and then set it to run every hour or ? and automatically take a picture. You could also tap on it to take a photo in between. I would have loved to buy it, but had no money at the time. And the moment i did have some money, it was no longer available, and shortly afterwards taken out of production. It would have been ideal for this month's groundhog. Then the image would have been 'fairer'. But you probably also had a lot of black photos (at night) and a lot of blurred photos. So this is all you get for now.

NB: The day after day 31 i probably would have to come up with some sort of evaluation, but everything above is already that.
I could say so much, but the most annoying and especially confronting is, to literally see, in pictures, how your life has become like you don't want it to be. And that this is mainly due to government policy (to stop anti Covid19 measures and leave the more fulnerable to fend for themselves), but also to fellow human beings in all kinds of appearances and denominations, who, as of old, no longer find it necessary to take others into account, or only insofar as their own comfortable zones are not affected.
It's time for a new photo series.

PHOTO SET in time order: here

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