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Radio Klotestad Colorsets

Free coloring drawings sets for you to download! Hurray! No strings attached, you don't have to fill in any form or emailadress or whatever bs. It is really free. But... still copyrighted though, just to remind you.

These drawings are part of the large Gratis Tekening (Free Drawings) collection. Many of them went to their new homes. So you might recognize some of them perhaps. I vectorized them, so it will look better when printed; this way they are also slightly different then the original drawings.

Click on the item of your choice, download it and print it.
The drawings were originally made for A6 sized paper, they are enlarged and it should be okay to print on A4 size. But i'm not sure, can't test it myself because i don't have a printer at the moment. If not sharp enough, then better print on A5.

Giftset idea:

  • First test on which size to print it.
  • Then print the whole set (or some of it) on good coloring paper (most simple print papers are good, but to make it special choose a bit of a thicker paper, which still can go through your printer - always test first!).
  • And make a nice cover of sturdy paper or cardboard, and put the prints in it. Wrap it up, and hurray again!
  • View from a fenced viewing point, a cloud passing by and rain and a piece of scarf or tail is visible. A clustered ball. A very thick tree trunk with a fairy. A guy changed into a strawberry and flies above a city. A labyrinth of angular roads A tree with square open boxes which depict apples. Some sort of mountain against a starry night background. Plusses and minusses with the text Rock your issues. Some abstract blob with many square fields. Several 3D open boxes. A field filled with angular shapes. Some kind of flowery shape. An octangular shape filled with many stripes to color. 3x WRONG with some lines. Many lines from one side to the other that change a bit and back.

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    DateTime: 2023 nov 5, 17:40 CET
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    Author: Mulder

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