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When you start making something, whether it is art, a house or some IT project, at some point you set up some rules or guidelines, which helps you to navigate the process and to (hopefully) finish it the way you would want it to finish. Now that last part can be tricky of course, and many times during the process you will have to re-think the rules: are they still okay? Do i need to adjust some, in order to finish the project?
The same goes for drawing. Of course you can start without any rules. But although you might not be aware of it, you still make rules during the drawing. Where did you first put your pen point? Did you move your hand to left or to the right? Did you set up some margins? With each line you make a decision, and those are the (unwritten or unspoken) rules, in fact.

For this RULES thing i wanted to make them visible. What are the decisions? How does this work?
With this comes some insight about the whole process of drawing, and the process of making things. I also found, that thinking about those rules, following them, finding out about how they don't work, about their consequences, making decisions etcetera, there are many similarities with life events. Little things, big feelings, heavy emotions, or light prose... anything that i encounter during drawing i find significant, and i'd like to share it.

So i set up the online workshop at Mastodon, and not so many people seem to be following it. Is it the abstraction, or the lack of time, it could be anything really. And because i don't want to loose the thoughts and set up in broken threads, i have moved it to here, so it is easier to follow, also for non-Mastodonians, in your own time, at your own pace.

I do hope you would want to share your thoughts, and your rules, and your thoughts about this or your own rules. So feel free to send me an email, ask me questions, whether about drawing or life, and i will try to answer it all.

RULES exists of several parts:

The workshop

RULES 1 (animation)

Today's Thoughts (5):28: About Drawing.

RULES 1: animation

☊ RULES 1; Animation, music, 2022

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